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  1. B

    EXECUTION Starting a gym SMMA agency

    Im 19 and in starting my first SMMA agency, the niche i have chosen is gyms, the reason i have chosen gym is because its a deep passion of mine and i have been consistently going for 2 years now 5 days a week. The reason i am writing this now is because i have recently reached boiling point of...
  2. Dopefish1337

    WEB SCHOOL My story as a web design hustler (so far)

    Hello everyone! I wanted to make a topic, just to introduce myself and to tell my story so far, to exchange some ideas and who knows; maybe someone will be inspired/motivated by it as well. So I read (technically listened to) the Fastlane Millionaire in 2016 or 2017, can't remember. Then I...
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