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  1. Sechy

    Gonna deploy my first smma... Any tips

    Hi guys, Its me again, so i have my first cllient.. Let me tell you its a good feeling, but i am doing website making and facbook ads for him.. I dont really know how much should i charge.. Any tips.. Overall? I love this forum because it gave me hope and also some good ideas so if you have any...
  2. Harsha_14

    Is it too late for SMMA......

    I'm very much interested to build an SMMA. is it too late for SMMA? I want to list my agency as an LLC. Is that a good idea? Is ghl good choice for me working from india. How can i get trust from foreign local businesses? i want to scale my business to 10k/month. any suggestions while starting...
  3. P

    Ideas, opinions and value about my decision of my future action

    Hi guys! My name's Max, I'm an argentinian kid of 17 years old. I've been reading "The Millionare Fastlane" for the past week or so. Gone though half of it already. This book, and many other things, motivated me to start an SMM Agency. Easy to start with, no money required, and i could give lots...
  4. Ali B

    The rise of SMMA's

    What are your thoughts on social media marketing agencies? Is it oversaturated? Is it worth pursuing? Why are all the Gurus selling their SMMA if it's such a great business model?
  5. B

    Starting a gym SMMA agency

    Im 19 and in starting my first SMMA agency, the niche i have chosen is gyms, the reason i have chosen gym is because its a deep passion of mine and i have been consistently going for 2 years now 5 days a week. The reason i am writing this now is because i have recently reached boiling point of...
  6. Dopefish1337

    My story as a web design hustler (so far)

    Hello everyone! I wanted to make a topic, just to introduce myself and to tell my story so far, to exchange some ideas and who knows; maybe someone will be inspired/motivated by it as well. So I read (technically listened to) the Fastlane Millionaire in 2016 or 2017, can't remember. Then I...