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So I have this vision in my head for starting a Vo-tech school

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New Contributor
Aug 2, 2020
United States
With the recent pandemic issues at hand and the recent sale of my main business (tool company). I had some time to finish up some real estate projects on investment properties that I have neglected for some time. With my 2 step kids at home from school (13 and 16 years old) I had time to make them work for me. Slave labor is always the best labor. What I have found out is I have been neglecting them also. I brought them along to the duplex I was remodeling and the SFR we rent out, I gave them jobs that I felt would be in there league from painting to changing electrical outlets after some instruction. What I found out is they had zero knowledge of basic hand tools and how to complete any of the tasks I gave them.

Then I thought to myself these kids are just like the majority of middle-class kids that can play tik tok or snapchat but could not tell the difference between a Phillips head and flat head screwdriver. There is an evident need for this education with the youth. Which makes my gears turn and providing a vocational school or more like an after school program or a camp. A place where kids and possibly there parents can learn the basics and tackle projects together in a learning environment.

This comes to me in the time kids do not go pretty much anywhere with parents afraid of COVID, BUT when (and it will) open back up to a semi-normal state of life. Starting a program that can do this under-serviced market. Where they can learn the 4 basics every person NO matter who you are should at least learn.

1. Mechanical - Dealing with anything mechanical from auto, motorcycle, boat, lawnmower, etc. From changing a tire to understanding the operation going on in the engine. Being able to change the oil or even a brake job.
2. Plumbing - everything to do with a home plumbing system (water, gas) knowing how a toilet works and how to fix it. Taking a P trap apart to clear a drain and so on.
3. Woodworking - This is the basics of how to cut wood to nail it together and build something from it. The basics of woodworking tools and safe use of them. To a structural build of a wall or home.
4. Electrical - basic electricity from 120v use in a home to DC in electronics and how to work and understand this process.

Schools are cutting these courses due to budget and the fact they do not think they need them. Well, no matter who you are in life these are basic life skills that I see a tremendous need for. I am in SoCal (San Diego area) and the vocational school system here is basically for post highschool kids.

The big question is how to build a business out of this idea/ vision? Please pick it apart come up with better ideas and plans. That is why I posted it here for.

I have looked into other similar franchises that are doing this like engineering for kids Engineering Classes for Kids or Code Ninjas (similar platform with different curriculum)

This business would be great to hire the 1st responders like firefighters, or the guy who teaches pee wee football as long as they can teach in a fun manner that keeps the kids interested. I was thinking of the age group from 9 or 10 up to 17 or 18. Even letting parents join the class for free with their children to learn also (of course with a paying child)

Maybe I am far out there but wanted like-minded ppl to bounce this idea off of and get some feedback

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Jun 14, 2015
I like this idea. Start small make some courses and put them on Corsera and Skillshare.
Focus on growing your content and use Fiverr for all video editing.
Don't waste time or money buying video equipment, at least not yet. Use your phone and record videos.

You could even split videos with unique things yploaded to Skillshare, and general stuff on Youtube.
That's where you are going to find your audience in the start, then ask people to follow you in Skillshare at the end of each video.

This will let you test the market with little or no cost.


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Jun 1, 2019
Sounds like a great idea. By the way, this is something I might personally pay for, at least for an in-person version. Can also be an offering for couples :)
Free videos are usually too much trouble: it takes me a long time to figure out, how something is called. E.g. I had trouble opening a ceiling lamp to replace the bulb — and I couldn't even explain it to google. You'd be amazed also, how many hardware tools I bought because I didn't know, what was needed or how something was called.

Now that I think about it, it could be nice to have a virtual reality app where I can walk around the virtual house and locate, say, a room with a lamp similar to mine. Then if I click on it, the app would show me a contextual menu of all the things that can be done with it and all the possible issues (too hot, sparkling, broken glass, cannot reach because it is too high, afraid of what the landlord would say, etc.)

John Y

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Aug 20, 2020
Just yesterday I was thinking that when I become rich, I shall found some schools.

Kids will stay until 19:00 and in the afternoon they will get education in every important aspect of life.
Par example they will practise and not just read the "how to win friends and influence people".
Of course they will practise and not just read the "the millionaire fastlane".

During morning obligatory-by-the-law hours, instead of history they will practise memory-systems
(and if any inspectors from the ministry of education come to check, we will tell them we use the
memory-systems in order to learn history). Instead of mathematical functions they will never use,
kids will learn financial mathematics. Etcetera.

Also, lessons that improve problem solving and system building (like engineering and coding) will be of top priorities.
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