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SEO!!! What are the best resources in 2018?

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Feb 9, 2016
Edmonton, AB
Hello All,

I am curious if anyone in the forum has any good resources for SEO, I used to work in this field for local retail, however am looking to get our software on page one (we're currently on 6).

I know about the basic stuff - crawlable links, keywords, etc. However I am wondering if there's anything new in the last couple years. IE, I've read some blogs that mention backlinks are now the top priority in SEO which wasn't that big back 5 years ago.

Do any of you have any resources such as guides, videos, etc you trust for the most relevant SEO factors?

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Mar 16, 2017
Since my 1st website, I've never had an intentional back link. I do a little SEO but I've always just had great content. If my website is about making money then I write things relevant to making money. Something people want to read and come back to read again. Although one of my best sites has short pages, I'd suggest to make what you are talking about last awhile. Do you want to go to a site that has 2 minutes worth of reading.... kinda answers your questions but not really.... now you have to google again to add to what you learned from that website? Let's say I'm selling red round balls. I need to tell them why my red round balls are better. How high my red round balls can bounce. What my red round balls are made of. Who likes to play with my red round balls? What games my red round balls are suited for. I need to tell them every damn thing there is to know about my red round balls. But wait.... do my balls come in blue? :eek:

Silver Silk

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May 10, 2017
Id like to eventually get into seo through web development, what would you say are good routes, just build my own websites and then practice with them and try to join a firm to further devoplop my skills? next year im planning a complete skills switch from my current railway engineer job to web dev then ill set up a compant down the line when i really get to know my stuff.


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Aug 13, 2018
I second the recommendations for Brian Dean and Neil Patel.

But my favorite source of current, actionable, accurate information on SEO is Marie Haynes. Her newsletter, Search News You Can Use, consistently has the highest-quality information on things like Google Algorithm changes, who's who in SEO (quickly find out who else to listen to), screenshots of Google Analytics accounts, and careful analysis of why a drop or a spike happened.

I've only ever accessed the free version of her newsletter, but the paid version has even more.

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