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  • Hey Eliquid,
    Been following you around for a bit, very keen on building a set of SaasS products, need some guidance/advice.
    Could you please direct me to a specific post/website of yours/service I could learn from? Stuck on market fit stage with a few ideas, could use some more information/advice.

    Thanks in advance for any reference given,

    Hi, I just found your Paid Advertising Crash Course... nice work.
    You posted # 22 "I've actually got an ebook I am writing about PPC ads..."
    Is it available for purchase?
    Dear eliquid, first of all thank you very much for your guide on paid advertising posted on the fastlane insiders. I have some questions about PPV which might be too specific to post on the original thread. Could you answer them and how can I post the questions to you? I can't send you a private message for example..
    Hi I also saw your post about AM, I am just getting into it. I know of a few people that are successful in this, so I have been doing nothing but research on it. however I nearly always hit a dead end. do you have any tips for me? which affiliate marketing networks are a good start to use? Facebook pages is where i want to start while i learn more about building websites and what not.
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