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Q2 Reflection | Questions & Exercises

William Liedner

Jan 11, 2019
Hey Fastlaners, hope everything's fantastic!

As you may know, Q2 is on the edge of its time. Which also means, half of 2019 has gone by and it's time to really focus on what's been working and not. Which is why I'd like to share the questions and exercises I've asked myself today.

First off, the questions:

1. What am I most proud of in terms of what I've achieved, accomplished or brought into being this quarter? (Personal & Work related)
2. What's been the most fun for me this quarter?
3. What actions did I take that I want to erase from my behavior?
4. What actions did I take that I want to keep in my behavior?
5. Which person has gone above and beyond in their efforts to assist me whether it be in my personal life or career?
6. What person do I want to become more of, and less of, next quarter?
7. What was my biggest setback in Q2, and how did I handle it?
8. What was my biggest realization in Q2?
9. If I were to be my best friend or partner for a moment, how would I describe my development during Q2?
10. What were the three most valuable books I read, and why?
11. What was my biggest regret this quarter, and why?
12. What is my top 3 goals I want to achieve during Q3, and why those specifically?
13. Name a time I experienced the power of these feelings:
Being unloved:
Being loved:

And for the more detailed, reflection part, this is what I asked myself:

1. What would my BEST quarter look like, detailed?
2. What do I have to do in order to become that person?

And the exercises that were beneficial:

Consider what you don't know.
When we get to a place of comfort, we tend to lose the ability to see things from another perspective. We make assumptions, and often get cocky, when we talk or listen to other people. Think for a moment and consider what it is that you actually don't know. Become aware of what skills you actually have, and listen to others ideas and implement what you liked into your own life. It's impossible to understand everything. And in the future, it's highly possible that you may feel totally different about something you believe today. It includes the ''unchangeables'' that you today think is set in stone.

Consider what you don't know, and understand the fact that there are over 7 billion people on this earth, with views very different from your own. There's always something to learn from others.

A Death Letter to your parents
This one sounds harsh, and I was quite shocked when I was introduced to this idea - but wow, how beneficial it was. The idea is to attach such a strong emotion to something you want in order to achieve much easier.

The exercise goes like this:

Imagine having a strong relationship with your parents. You talked every day, and you assured them that you had these magical goals in mind and that you were certain you'd hit them. Days go by, and you procrastinate and were too scared to take the steps you needed to take. One day you end up in your deathbed, with very little time left. Having lived the ordinary life you once feared. Your parents are on the other side of the planet, unaware. And you have to write to them each goodbye letters about how sorry you are that you failed them and explain to them why.

The letter should contain the dreams you had, and why you wanted to achieve them. Why you failed, and how sad you are that you disappointed them. It could, and should, be emotional. If you feel the characters would be more fitting to be your partner and best friend, do that. What's important is that it must be someone you're very close with.


Please answer each question as detailed as you can, for your own sake. If there are things you feel you need to reflect more on, take your time and do so. It's a personal reflection I created for myself, and why I'm sharing it is because I believe it could help many of you too.

What else did you reflect on this Q2? What are you excited about? Please share your own ideas in the comment section and if there are more questions us fastlaners could ask ourselves, I'd be very glad if you put those underneath.

Hope you're killing it, and that Q3 will be much better.

Cheers :clap::

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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Thanks for the offer, but answering these questions would amount to a book.

If other folks want to take a stab, I'd be happy to read.

As for additional questions to add, I think only one is necessary: Am I happy?

If so, will this current path continue that happiness forward? If not, what needs changing?

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