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Prosecting books?

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Aug 29, 2007
Regina, SK, Canada
Prospecting books?

Hey folks,

I'm wondering if anyone here knows of any good books for prospecting clients or creating sales leads? When I I get infront people I close the sale more than 80% of the time, but my problem is I don't get infront of enough people. One of the biggest flaws in my business is my prospecting skills in finding qualified people to talk to. I'm 28 and live in an area where most people these days don't move out of home until they are my age and don't start a career or family until they are in their early 30s, so my natural market is full of people that don't see value in my services (insurance and investment). I've tried finding a mentor, but most that have been in the business with the same natural market were in the business before this change of people staying home longer and "growing up" 5-10 years later than before. I'm trying more trade shows, but right now money is tight so I can't drop the big coin for the good trade shows for a little while.

Any resources out there for finding the right kind of people or any ideas on how a 28 year old can get into an older market?


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Aug 27, 2007
High Probability Selling - Jaques Werth
Selling Sucks, Never Cold Call Again - Frank Rumbauskas
Anything by Jay Abraham

The first discusses alot of cold calling but you can take the principles and apply to all marketing.

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