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(Progress) My Action Steps ***Keeping Accountable***

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Johann G.

New Contributor
Jan 1, 2016
It has been some time since I last came on to the forum since reading the millionaire fastlane and may not have come back so quickly, not for any bad reasons, but I've been putting work in my biz and family.

Anyway, after biz did $2,200 in July then $5,700 in August saw that it would be near impossible for us to handle any more customers.

To fix this, processes are needed to streamline and automate quite a few things that can be automated.

How? Courses from "gurus" who are in the same industry who are willing to teach how they have done the same.

Keeping myself committed to this process requires me to follow steps that I may have not done, i.e. this post, so from time to time I will post what I have done or any steps asked in this really expensive (for me) course.

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Johann G.

Johann G.

New Contributor
Jan 1, 2016
I guess this is typical of most courses like this too ask the question "What is your Ideal/dream life look like?" It gets you to think about your life instead of going through the motions (comfort).
  • Right now it's 11:19pm and would say that I want to have a certain type of freedom where the thought of "losing" my job is not a forethought.
  • Secure an understanding of business that allows me to see opportunities that I can take advantage of so that if I lost it all today, I could see away out of it.
  • To teach my son (1) how to navigate through patches of life and keep moving.
  • To travel every few months to experience something new, learn about a different culture.
  • Set aside funds that can assist my family if anyone of them finds themselves in very tight position.
  • Laugh, lots of laughing.
To be able to do the above, I will be seeking out the best possible information to heighten my skills that make me a huge value to the people around me and the customers/potential customers that I reach or come to me.

  • $150,000 / year
  • $13,636 / month
  • $3,125 / week
  • $625 / day

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