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  1. KJFast

    Progress thread - My first CENTS business? Let’s see execution

    Hey guys, going to be posting progress in here continually. Maybe not daily but as common as I’ve made a new leap. Couple nights ago I had an idea hit me slam in the face, did some research and my idea only solidified. I then checked if it was CENTS, sure enough: it is! It’s also achievable on...
  2. Fit Tech Goat

    My Progress so far.

    I started to learn about business first when I was 14 years old from guys like Andrew Tate, Iman Gadzhi, and Hamza. I learned some things from them, but I started being interested in books about entrepreneurship, which led me to MJ Demarco's books. I read them and learned a lot more things than...
  3. Keushei

    Generating 5k/mth through LinkedIn - 2024 progress

    Morning (or evening) fastlaners. Today I have for you the start of a long and hopefully insightful, possibly entertaining, and almost certainly valuable progress thread that’s tracks the progress towards 1 simple, measurable, and definitely achievable goal.. My goal.. 15 websites sold at 5k...
  4. Maxkaz

    Handmade - handyman`s progress thread

    Hello everyone! I`s been a month since I consider myself to be a "true" entrepreneur. I literaly started 0n the 1st of January, not because of some fancy New Year Resolution, but because my friend immigrated to my country on 29th of December and we both found and bought an old 2002 Ford for...
  5. Q

    Intro: quit my crappy job, read the books, started/ing my own company

    Hi FLF! I've been lurking on and off for a few months now and figured I'd finally give my intro and start my progress thread for my venture. The books and this forum have been huge for me over the past month, so I figured I might as well do my own tiny part and contribute something here...
  6. R


  7. Aidan04

    Putting in the Work: Bootstrapping a Physical Product/Ecommerce Business

    This is my first thread that I've started in a long time. To the general public on this forum, you probably remember me as that one guy who invented Setsign, the device that told people how many sets you had in the gym. Unfortunately, this was a failure. I learned many things from this...
  8. Toni Hara

    Intro, Tough time choosing the right vehicle need some guidance

    Had my FTE event months ago and decided to share A little bit of backstory: i am 29y old and live in a small European country Croatia (strong tourism) For the past 7 years i have been working in the military professionally and have decided recently that i am going to quit in a few months (i...
  9. SnowLava

    Building a side hustle, building good habits and breaking bad ones (progress thread)

    This is going to be a progress thread for anybody who's interested. NOTE : It has nothing to do with 'new years resolution'. I have been maintaining a journal for quite some time now where I record my progress, just thought about posting a progress thread here for more accountability. Here's...
  10. Aristoss

    Selling Sheet Music - Progress Thread

    It's been a while. After living in Idea Land for too long, I've finally embraced what I'm great at and that follows the CENTS framework: Making skillful musical arrangements and selling their sheet music online (Digital Product) It's a sector that is pretty saturated, But I'm planning to...
  11. Young Money

    Finally, a Business Idea Worth Pursuing!

    No more chasing the next "shiny object", I've found my next business idea that is innovative, and most importantly, it solves a problem. I was in a bit of a slump this Fall as the ecommerce store I had launched in the summer had failed, and even after getting feedback and tweaking the store, I...
  12. Lochlan

    Deep Work Streak

    Hi I've been struggling with reaching my goals recently and commitment so Ive decided to try and build up a streak of hours of work done publicly and decided hefd would be the best place to do so, Heres what I want to accomplish in bold); I want to start a business my idea is to have a...
  13. Epynok

    Valuable Fastlane Lessons for all Teenagers from this MUST SEE Podcast Episode (Link Below)

    If you are a teenager and you are in this forum, then I believe this podcast episode featuring the famous entrepreneur Ryan Daniel Moran would be beneficial for us teens and young individuals to learn valuable lessons about perseverance and pursuing our dreams. The guest on the podcast was Max...
  14. piano

    How 1 Year Of Fastlane looked for me (@Piano)

    1 year ago I finished TMF and decided to join this Forum. I found myself at the "What's your reason for joining?" section which also said "We're able to reject your join proposal if we think your reason is inappropriate" or something like that. I thought really hard and was like "This is...
  15. Timo.

    Scaling my Google Ads Freelancing business – 18yo

    Introduction – Last Months -I finished school at the beginning of June. Right after that, I started researching Google Ads. -At the beginning of July, I started cold-calling and cold-emailing local businesses. -In early August, I had my first client. August was a test month. -I managed to get...
  16. JJHemingway

    Entrepreneurship, Dilemmas, and Rants... Business Ownership at 18 [Progress Thread]

    Introduction: I want to share this just in the off chance someone learns from my progress. I also want to do this as a way to keep myself accountable. In High School I picked up some computer skills from online which eventually led to helping out my neighbors. My father was well known within...
  17. Plushy

    [Progress] Developing My Sleep Tracker Game

    Hello hello. Welcome to the Desert of Desertion. You've seen me around, I want to show I walk the walk. 7 Months ago I had an idea and began building an app alone. 3 Weeks ago I read Unscripted and joined this forum. I realized I needed to get my motivation in check and surround myself with...
  18. Wizza134

    My SMMA/Digital Marketing Agency Journey

    This is my progress thread for my Digital marketing agency. I'm going to document all my successes and failures I go through as well as the work I do for the week.
  19. Nostalgia

    [PROGRESS THREAD] - My Journey To Becoming A Successful "Creatorpreneur"

    Alright. Hey - I'll probably just use this post to introduce myself, my purpose, my ambitions, etc. I'm 15, I'm ambitious about entrepreneurship, business, etc. And I want to start a YouTube channel. This thread is just going to be me posting every so often about my progress, I want to be as...
  20. charlemagne

    My Story / Accountability

    Hey All, My name is Benji. Here's my story, A month or so ago I finished MJ's book The Millionaire Fastlane. It was lovely. Since finishing the book, I have been inundated by senses of both realization/enthusiasm, and confusion/hopelessness. Starting with the former group of adjectives...