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EXECUTION "Pro" Poker Player Rejoining The Entrepreneur Hustle

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Jan 23, 2011
I must admit... I saw the avatar. I instantly hit the ignore button. Then I see where this thread has gone.

@NVious I am curious; what made you decide to use that as avatar? This is a business forum not a muscle forum.

Also, you clearly want sympathy now... Why?

Why not just be sincere, "put your cards on the table" and let folks actually help you?

You also joined this forum for a reason. You didn't do it just to post an intro thread and quit. You probably did it to learn and you learned a LOT in a few days about the bad taste you leave with everyone. That is invaluable and actionable. Maybe read "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

This forum has done wonders in immediately helping you uncover some things that need addressed. That is amazing to me. You won't find that anywhere else.

The time it takes to post isn't an excuse. Take it from me, someone who has posted thousands of times here over 10 years... The forum gives more than it takes and this thread is no exception.

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Oct 25, 2015
I believe that most of the stuff that happens to us lacks any inherent meaning. Few things in life are good or bad for their own sake...

Some great advice given here, so I won't tread over the same ground.

Let me just add this:

I believe that most of the stuff that happens to us lacks any inherent meaning. Few things in life are good or bad for their own sake. It's up to you to decide what it means for yourself.

Let's say you're on a six-year winning streak with your poker system. Depending on how you view it, that could mean one of two things:
  1. You're a god among men, or
  2. There's a six-year losing streak lurking just around the corner

(Not a perfect analogy, but bear with me)

Similarly, you can view your eye-opening experience here on the forum in one of two ways....
  1. Something to beat yourself up over ("I can't believe I was like that! I'm such a POS! Ban me!")
  2. A wake up call, and a catalyst to inspire you to behave better ("I can't believe I was like that! I'll do better moving forward and work on xyz to improve")
The moment has come and gone.

Your posts are gone.

In six months or a year, no one here will know what you posted here initially (and those that do likely won't care).

It's up to you to decide what it means.

If you want to leave the forum, then you're free to leave. If you feel it's taking up too much of your time and distracting you from your goals, then I'd applaud your decision to limit your use.

But don't go because you feel you've made an irreparable mistake. Plenty of people have chimed in here to tell you you're being too hard on yourself, and to give yourself a second chance at doing things right.

Take an objective standpoint and imagine this from our perspective - a guy comes in hot, is chastised for his bravado/arrogance, and retracts his statements. He then wants to leave the forum entirely and be perma banned because he doesn't feel he can make things right or fix his behaviour enough to matter.

If it was anyone else, would you think that sounds reasonable? Or would it be an overreaction?

This is about more than the decision to leave or stay here. I think it's one small manifestation of a bigger challenge you're facing... being able to face uncomfortable situations & truths without turning away.

Take some time to think about what has been said in this thread. Reflect on it. Don't make a split-second decision, and don't be so hard on yourself.
And the truth shall set you free.


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Dec 26, 2014
Chicago, IL
You don’t have to go away man.

Joining this forum means you are a work in progress (like we all are). We all start a different stages and with different challenges. My first threads were a mess ha!

You got great advice on here and you can ask for more if you need to. Just keep being open and be honest with yourself and others.

Don’t bounce and restart somewhere else - that’s going back again to square one. Now that you have made progress on this forum keep going and work on the next challenge.

We all love an underdog story so stick around - you got all the skills to make big things happen. 90% of this is a mental game.

Don't go away. Take a moment and think why do you want this thread deleted and your account banned?

Your ego took a hit. You went in with certain expectations and were met with different ones. It caused discomfort, and now you want to back away from that discomfort. I wouldn't. The greatest personal growth happens when one is out of their comfort zone.

It took you only 1.5 forum pages to take feedback and adjust. You have great self-awareness, and as long as you keep stepping out of your comfort zone, you'll keep making strides to improve yourself and create the life you want. You know how many forum pages it takes the average person to come to the same conclusion that you did? Most people never do. Like this idiot for example. 19 forum pages were spent on this guy before the thread was closed, and absolutely nothing positive happened for him from it. He's still writing shitty books scamming people, still living in some Peruvian dorm room, still can't afford to return to the U.S. -- all because he's too proud to admit that he was wrong and he's not as great as he's fooled himself into believing.

You're on track to becoming great as long as you keep seeking experiences, getting feedback, and adjusting accordingly until accomplishing your goal.

Plus, this forum is the easiest way for you to start doing that and "putting yourself out there".

Take another minute and ask yourself: What's the downside? Do you actually care what any of the people on this forum think about you?

As of now, these might as well all be fictional people. No one here knows your real name. No one has met you in person. No one is going to connect this thread to your actual identity as a person.

I've embarrassed myself on this forum a number of times. The last one was my most recent thread where half the people were confused why I made the thread. Some guy even called me an incel. Lol. I blocked him and moved on. F*ck it. What's he going to do? Find my mom and tell her that I made a stupid internet post?

With this forum, you have little to no downside. However, unlike other forums, you have tremendous upside.

You have a community of people that have made it and are willing to help you. You have a group of built in mentors. They see that you're at point 1 and are happy to help you get to point 2, point 3, ... point 50.

@Fox is one of the coolest people you'll ever get feedback from. He's traveling the world wherever he wants, making six figures online, living the life that most of us dreamed of when we decided to hop on this forum.

@MJ DeMarco doesn't need an intro. He's a multi-millionaire, incredibly successful author, with some of the best no-bullshit advice you'll ever get.

Then there's all the other people in this thread that want to help out and have already posted. Then there's the people that are liking posts but haven't posted yet. They're reading this and happy to help you push forward as long as you show initiative.

If you keep making posts, improving, and creating the life you want (without being an a**hole), then a lot of guys here are going to be happy for you. And if they see that change, a lot of them are gonna want to be friends with you.

I have friends from this forum that I've met up with in different cities, states, and countries. I have invites to a couple exotic locations because of this community. And these aren't regular guys that anyone can be friends with. These are successful entrepreneurs that are living life on their terms. You can't get a friend group like that from many other places.

If you leave this forum, then that's what you're missing out on.

On top of that, you're missing out on all the discomfort that can make you great.

Put yourself out there. Make a few different threads. Make a thread for all your poker knowledge if that what you want to share. Make a thread for all the book knowledge (which I'd bet no one will read since the value doesn't outweigh other summaries they can read, but who knows, I'm wrong all the time). And then keep this thread to track your own personal progress and to get help from the community where you need it.

Good luck man.


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Mar 13, 2013
I would just say that no one usually changes their mind on the internet; everyone just entrenches further into their own opinion. The fact that you changed your mind and realized others' opinions had some merit is remarkable. For that reason, I hope you don't go down the permanent ban route.

MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
@NVious -- someone recommended Eckard Tolle as an author to read, I'll suggest someone similar: The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.

While it seems to be a spiritual book it really deals with our internal narratives and dialogues the flood our mind and cause our egos to lash out, many times, negatively. When we understand our mind-ego-soul connection, we have a better way of managing the moments that seem to threaten our sense of self.

Even MJ who is a great guy admits my account was in jeoprardy, again I started this thread in order to help people, but now it's obvious that not only can I not do that, but I have A TON of work before I can even begin to make basic human connections again, so it's best for everyone if I go away.
No need to over-react. You posted some great resources from your library until the thread got off the rails.

While we usually don't allow content to be deleted, I allowed it to remain deleted. You have a fresh start here and earned some respect with your ability to do some self-reflection.

All of us our growing in our heads, even me.


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Nov 30, 2018
If ppl get banned, their threads say “Banned User Number _____” right? So his nickname that he uses in poker and ig would no longer be linked to this thread because if you searched for his name on TFF you wouldn’t find it. Being banned wipes the slate clean.

Or am I wrong?

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