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  • Your ad for an employee was temporarily deleted as we were unable to find a receipt for a Marketplace Ad, do you have a PayPal confirmation # or some kind of receipt we can reference? Once received, it can be activated.
    Hi MJ! Thanks for the message. It doesn't look like I was charged. I submitted the post and it just redirected me to a page without a payment form. I don't remember ever paying, which I thought was kind of strange. I just checked Paypal and I'm not seeing a charge. So, I'm guessing that the charge didn't go through for some reason.
    MJ DeMarco
    Hey, just noticed you no longer have the insider badge. Do you still get notifications for your insider thread posts? Just posted in there
    Hi, Can you tell me a little more about your app posting where you said you make $3.5K in a day?
    Thank you,
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