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Need Motivation? Put Your Back Against the Wall

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Feb 12, 2013
Sedona, AZ
Several years ago, my kickboxing Sensi and I were sparing in the ring. He was kicking my a$$ as usual. We would be in the center of the ring, he’d sidekick me sending me into the ropes, I’d bounce off the ropes and back to the center of the ring for more a$$-kicking. Vicous cycle.

One day he took me out of the ring and pushed me against the cinder block wall and we started “sparing”(yea, I was his punching bag). Instinctively, and out of despair, I fought back hard until my back was no longer against the wall. He complimented me.
Lesson learned.

This is where I prefer to be. BACK AGAINST THE WALL. Dwayne Johnson did a lecture to the L.A. Lakers and hit on this subject. It works for him too.

This method might not work for you, but maybe you will consider it or give it a try.

I’m not saying to get a friend to throw you against a wall and start beating on you. I’m not saying NOT to either. To connect that adrenaline rush to other aspects of your life is powerful. You really are against the wall. There will be things that life will throw at you and you won't see them coming. As a great doctor of mine once said, "Anything can happen to anyone at any time." She served cancer patients. It doesn't get much heavier than that.

Recently I got lazy, complacent, bored. My business is doing shit numbers recently because of a heatwave(somewhat of an excuse). My wife and I had a conversation and I immediately felt that wall behind my back. The result? I did more in one day to promote my business and increase my numbers than I’ve done in the past month! I had to.
That damn wall was at my back and I had two choices.
1. Stay there and take the beating.
2. Fight!
I chose to fight.

The outcome of my actions won’t be realized immediately. Hell, they may not come at all! But I’m fighting and that’s what matters. That’s who I am.

In ANY life situation be it health, relationships, or business, I realize and accept the possible ‘worse case scenario’....then I forget about it and fight. I focus on what needs to be done not thinking one second about the worst-case scenario.

I’m also not alone. I have a great team and I pressured them to do things for me that I need done. It’s an art of communication because you don’t want to be the a**hole yelling and pressuring them. You need them to understand your position and that you need help...NOW! They came through for me and I’m grateful.

Life will beat on all of us. No one is exempt. It’s how we choose to react that defines us.

1) Realize your situation and acknowledge the 'worse case scenario'.
2) Never think about that worse-case scenario again.
3) Think, research, ask for help.
4) Take ACTION.

Finally, feel that f*cking wall against your back! You can only go forward. Fight for it!

MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Reflects my position on comfort...

The Comfortable Pain Principle: Give a man a tolerable job that pays just enough to provide mediocre comfort and I’ll show you a man who won’t change a damn thing.

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