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Need direction on app idea.

Idea threads


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Feb 11, 2016
The idea is irrelevant to this post so I will not waste time explaining it aside from the basics.

It's segmented market is academics and it's target market is college students. In essence, it's an app that enables studying on the go...

I am looking for a partner that is interested in 50/50 ownership if something good comes out, but can not seem to find one. My only requirements are that they can code and that they have a similar vision for direction. I had one but he blew me off for his professors assignment instead. Before you ask, I have done marketing research on it, I have done word of mouth surveys around my campus, and I have designed the blueprints for it. The only thing I am looking for is someone who can develop the actual app. Do any of you guys have ideas on how to go about finding this so called partner? I do not have much money and don't particularly want someone who is doing the work for upfront money as they will have no vision for the assignment. The quote goes "find people who believe what you believe", am I being too lazy? Should I keep asking every person who brings up coding if they are familiar with app development?
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Xavier X

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Jan 1, 2016
These United States
Post classified ads everywhere you can. Craigslist etc.

Honestly, it's REALLY hard to get an experienced developer to take on offers like these.
Ideas aren't worth the paper they're written on. Everyone and their daughter's pet hamster has one.

So except your idea looks truly revolutionary at first sight, they have almost no incentive to bite.
As in, why build someone else' unfunded vision for a 50% stake, when they can build theirs for 100%.

Such partnerships typically work when you already have an existing personal relationship with the developer.

In the absence of that, do you have any useful skills you can trade with them?
I recently needed some web development done and posted a service trade ad on Craigslist.
- My professional video production/editing services, for their web development services.

A few willing developers responded. While I didn't end up finalizing it with any of them, you might have better luck.

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