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My first real attempt at executing a business

A detailed account of a Fastlane process...


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Jul 19, 2022
Hi guys,

i have not yet posted anything or introduced myself at the forum. This post serves well as my introductionary post in spite of my desire to get some help from you regarding my attempt to get an product into the marketmind.

I am an 23 years old guy from germany, stuck in an fulltime job for 2 years now which i don't really like going to. (my english is not the best when i'm writing myself as i don't do that often, but i can read and understand english very well - sorry for my broken grammar).

I had visions of myself into the future when i started questioning what me and others were doing in 2017 when i made my curriculum in an german equivalent to highschool. I was like, do i want to seriously work 40 hours an week for an survival paycheck for the rest of my life? and why are there guys making millions instead and how do they do that. It was the time where i started searching for answers to my questions and soon after started experimenting myself - i started reading online about blog posts regarding "how to make money online" and i saw that most of them didn't have much valuable information for the goals i had but it got me into the right direction and thrilled me that there must be some way somewhere out there. as an collegue from school introduced me into his plan of taking action in an german law encounter business where suddenly many life insurances got possible to be reverted with tax even after 20 years, i told him id to the website for him so he can do his thing (which i knew nothing about). I failed the website, and my collegue, but i did learn the basics of setting up a webstructure over wordpress and what to do with it. Websites soon became some kind of hobby for me because i knew i could do great things with an website, just didn't know which things, so i started building websites for fun and practiced my skills so to say. In the meantime i read books, online articles and other sources of information mostly from research and forum posts to educate myself about an way to get into the productocracy. i followed through with this over the course of many years until today, gaining huge amounts of information with almost zero practical experience in most of them. then something else happened...

I ordered Unscripted and MJs other books from amazon. It changed my life. I read Unscripted first and finished the book almost. What i learned from MJs wisdom has thrown most of my theoretical knowledge and illusionary dreams i had until then into an huge bottle and smashed it onto the ground. Unscripted really got me to the ground of how things work in life, business and even personal development. Big thanks to you MJ - you destroyed many of my illusions of what i could do to become successful in a single book and i am proud to say that i would rather hold this book for 20€ in my hands when i want to know what to do than 10 online masterclasses for 3000€ each about "How To Make 1 million with Tiktok in 6 weeks with this secret methods blabla". It was the first time i myself could order all the information and some practical experience i got into an huge big picture MJ developed in his book. What seriously shook me and sparked the impulse to write today in this forum has been the chapter i read yesterday, where you destroyed my illusion about SEO in a few sentences. Before i thought SEO to be a viable thing which everyone uses for marketing - now i see it more realistically for the cool thing it is when it works, but not something i should build upon.

After reading Chapter 47 from Unscripted today i saw myself very clearly in another light. In the past i had huge mental barriers because i've been sabotaging myself a lot in different ways, partly because of my very difficult past from child to man, which took me years to unravel and a lot of inner work to solve. I still sometimes recognize me in the competent self destructor category - did that 2 years ago when i had my first real success with my first real product, but my mind said no and i didnt feel worthy to futher engage with this success i had overnight. Yes, really. I dropped my first success on the first day back then and started working on some deep issues i had with myself including an heavy depression. I had success with this so its fine to say im good :)

anyways, i also recognized myself more clearly in the "Idea Entrepreneur" thing. It is exactly how i feel and have felt for a long time - a cook trying to compete with chefs. Most of the great ideas i had in the past i didn't even execute or further investigate - and when i did, i did it mostly poorly because i had no clue what exactly im doing anyways despite the huge amounts of information i have about marketing, website building, copywriting etc.

Today i am asking for clarity in my newest venture - which is the one i dropped 2 years ago after my first success in sales and which hopefully will be the last i'm working on for some time. I need help from you guys to get myself clear about what do to in terms of execution - because even with the product i made and the website operational i don't have much of a clue which path best to go from now - and maybe i also need an kick in the a$$. :) it's more about the clarity which is the best path to take from the many available ones and to clear my confusion about the process and execution.

I'm going to make an stop here because i am going to work early tomorrow and need to sleep and also because i feel that for my first post this is enough right now.


PS - i read a lot of threads here, mostly gold, and i am truly amazed from what others have done and the great posts i read sometimes. It's truly a special feeling to be in this forum
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Nov 22, 2022
PS - i read a lot of threads here, mostly gold, and i am truly amazed from what others have done and the great posts i read sometimes. It's truly a special feeling to be in this forum
Welcome to the forum! It’s amazing to have the words of so many successful and rich people all in one place.

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