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RANT My Beliefs Are Holding Me Back

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Feb 6, 2021
Ever happened to you to be in your bed at night and a voice in your head pops up hitting your hard with truth and realism?

It's happened to me yesterday.
  • "I'm not good with people"
  • "My communication sucks"
  • "People don't listen to me" or "I'm not able to get listened by people"
  • "They don't take me seriously"
  • "People don't respect me"
  • "I can't really see myself as an entrepeneur"
This is what i constantly repeat myself. It's not like i want to do it, i just noticed those beliefs through self-observation.
And each little interaction with other people turns into a proof to back up those beliefs.
Someone talks me over? (happen all the time) <--- new proof.

I bet I achieved nothing in 6 months in this field, believing all of the above.

How can I get in touch with a stranger and get to the point where this person pays me money, if i believe i'm suck with people and no one takes me seriously?

I see how dysfunctional those beliefs are, yet i still feel their grip on me.

If someone went through something similar and got out of it i'd love to know how you solved it...


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Jun 7, 2020
Hello alongthegap
Beliefs are memories projected into the future.
Memories aren't like files stored in a computer, waiting to be opened and wreak havoc. They exist as potentials rather than things and unless they are triggered by the perception of something associated with the event in the past that created the memory (think of a light bulb when the switch connects), they aren't there. So don't go looking for them as this tends to make them more real. Each time a memory is re-experienced, it is laid down again slightly differently.
In short, you are much better off working on how you feel and doing some self-inquiry and releasing on the feelings themselves. After all, who cares what you believe? It only matters when you have a feeling connected to it. If I believe I can't work enough, that only matters when I connect that idea with not being able to achieve what I want in life, and then I feel frustrated, afraid, maybe jealous too. That is the level to work on, and also with the identification with the apparent belief, that it defines you. If it's not always there, it cannot be identical to you.

Mike Stoian

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Dec 24, 2019
Hey man, I grew up in a shitty city, of a shitty country to a shitty abusive family. My self esteem was shit and my beliefs were even worse.

The person you are now is not the result of who/where you are now, it is the result of how you grew up and all your past experiences.

It makes sense to believe that people don't take you seriously if they've never done so in the past. And that's ok. You can't change who you are now, but you can change who you're gonna be in the future you. The future you is not you. Is someone else. Make sure that someone else is better by making small steps today.

1 - Move to a different city / country.
2 - Move away from people from your past that did influence you negatively. ( even family )
3 - Have people you admire. Even if you've never met them before, or even if they're not real.
4 - Have an ideal version of you ( in the future )
5 - Do what that ideal version of you would be doing. Or those people you admire.
6 - Read a LOT of books. Most of the great people in the world read a lot. You should too. But not random books. But books that deal with the greatest problem you have at that point. I've mostly read about self esteem, self help, philosophy, psychology and childhood trauma. If you feel like the book hits a sensitive chord, then it's doing it's job.

7 - Meditate and contemplate.
The reason you hear that voice at night is because that's when you're not distracted. That voice is telling you exactly what's inside your mind 90% of the time. That voice should be your guiding light . Learn to be comfortable with it and to love it. For it shows you exactly what your biggest issues are and it gives hints on fixing them.

I could write a whole book on stuff like this. PM me if you wanna chat


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Feb 6, 2021
Hey, i appreciate it @Mike Stoian
Just had a bad mood yesterday.
I've been action faking for long time and reckoning moment hits always hard as a sledgehammer.

After a good nap i was back in myself.

Someone also told me: "you just need one client and all those bullshits will be wiped away... " and this statement is so true.

There's indeed a part of me who tries to sabotage or reinforce its own limiting belief, but i can't let that stop me.

Gotta push 100% on Execution.


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Jun 11, 2019
Horseheads, NY
Someone also told me: "you just need one client and all those bullshits will be wiped away... " and this statement is so true.
This was true for me when my first customers bought my product. I was so excited I couldn't get to sleep. Be careful, it can all change in an instant when someone returns it or leaves a negative comment.

Very good points from Mike Stoian.

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