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INTRO Moving from failure, To the next Lifestyle

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Kevin W

New Contributor
Feb 11, 2019
Hello Everyone, this is my introduction.

My name is Kevin, and i recently got a Physics degree from a BC (Canada) university. The last three years I have been working and reading on entrepreneurship. Physics is nice, but the career path is definitely a slowlane, and I dont want to continue in research. I moved on and started doing life extension research for the last 2 years, and explored some interesting technologies like building a novel cloning setup, and learning surgery. However, such a "Hobby" is a little expensive. Some other interests I have played around with are psychedelics, swordsmanship, and philosophy. I have a bit of savings (10k) and a car.

I desire for a lifestyle where I can be/do wherever I want (estimated about 5mil needed). I plan to actually have my own small biotech facilities when i am middle aged. I suppose I will talk about my failures at first, which turned out to reveal my own character traits.. Next I will talk about what I am currently working on

The first few ventures never got off the ground (E-cigs with stimulating plants. Decent Idea, but Shit Execution). I then worked on bitcoin minning (sigh, i know...). A friend and myself where making a tiny profit, and we decided to start personally do arbitrage trading, and also hire a trader. We found wealthy family members to help up with the initial investment. Things were good for a while. The trader made us money, then lost us double the amount. Then one of the smaller exchanges we worked with just stalled and took our money. f*ck. Overall, I trusted people too easily, Got greedy, gave control to others for generating money, worked on limited scale projects, and simply did not execute/sell enough. Being too focused on ideas.

Current Work-
After these failures, i was going to go to a slowlane, and be an engineer somewhere. But then I read the Millionaire Fastlane . I realized the risks of the slowlane, and know that I have the guts to survive entrepreneurship. Thus, it is time to work on the fastlane.

Now for the new venture- in the physic field? cryptocurrency, biotech products, or elsewhere? One idea was a concierge medical service to talk to doctors knowledgeable on new life extension technologies.
Finally, I settled on the beverage market as it seems simplest to work with. I am using my knowledge of plant medicine to create some beverages that might be a new category of drinks. Cannabis is already booming, but i am going with different things. I don't know much about marketing and sales, and am reading up on it. My guiding book is: Build your Beverage Empire.
I am currently working on: Formulating a drink, and testing in market. Building an advertising package.

I hope to connect with other entrepreneurs here.
With some strategic hard work - I will move on the my desired lifestyle.

Thats my summery.

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