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EXECUTION Making 2019 a year of improvement

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Mar 28, 2017
Hey guys,

I am opening this thread to keep track of the goals I set in the "What will you accomplish in 2019 Thread"

My goals are:

- Stop just lurking here - Started with this thread and hope to add value as I learn

- Sort out personal life and defeat depression - Started therapy

- Improve Mindset/Discipline - Don`t know how to achieve that atm (Like actually not faking it)

- loose 30 KG (66 ish lbs) - Started counting kcal and adjusting diet

- Start working out consistently - Made myself a regimen, still working on the everyday part thou

- Figure out what I want from life, set goals and start working towards these - too hard atm

- Figure out how I can help people - Going to start with my father who stared a Business a month ago (need to learn local lead gen for that and how to create a good website and copy maybe)

- Make my 1st EUR online - Looking for something promising an Ebay when my mind is clear

- Try to be a little bit better than yesterday, every day - uff who was I trying to sell that to?

- Improve English - gonna squeeze that in Q3/4

- Maybe write a Book ?!? ( Because I always wanted to, don't even know why and what about tho )
- Master a Skill?
As you can see I added comments behind every goal on how I plan to achieve them

Still trying to figure out how to best structure my day and how much time I should allocate each goal on a daily basis - advice would be appreciated.

I think thats it for the beginning. Thank you for taking your time and I will keep you posted

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Moving Forward
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Speedway Pass
Jul 30, 2018
“You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.” -James Clear

Don’t sweat goals or to do’s.

What’s the ONE THING you can do today/this week to move the needle?

William Liedner

Jan 11, 2019
This looks amazing. Do you have a system that makes this consistent? Most of our goals won't happen because of a lack of focus. Do you know what to do in order to consistently think on accomplishing those?`

What I do, is to write down my goals every day on a piece of paper. Really helpful. And to make my goals even juicer, for each goal I write a story on how I'll feel the moment I achieve them.

Like this - for your fourth goal, how would you feel in that particular moment? Write on a paper, the feeling, what do you see in that moment, who's there with you? What do you feel, hear, see? All details, visualize this and make the goal more fantastic!

Sometimes the best thing we can do it to stop, close our eyes, and feel the journey before happening to us.

I really do hope you're accomplishing these. Best of luck!

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