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Kick-starting My Fastlane Journey. Thank You MJ

A. Rodriguez

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Jan 5, 2018
Hello Everyone, I'm glad to be in the forum at last. I've read The Millionaire Fastlane and the concepts there resonates with me a lot specifically the commandments of scale and Law of Effection.

A very close friend of mine is averaging $3k/mo from his blog. That amount of money is large in my country, about 1.5 million Naira. That's my father's annual salary but a 20 year old guy is making it monthly and through him, his parents have retired and living comfortably.

This guy hasn't read any of MJ's books but he's obviously obeying the law of effection as his blog is among the top most popular blogs in my country. I'm inspired by his lifestyle and although I'm 3 years younger than him (I'm 17), I've chosen to live a life of financial freedom while i'm still young.

Majority of people in my country have the slowlane mindset. However, few people have broken free from that mindset and they've made it. Africa's richest blogger, Linda Ikeji is from my country. Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote is from my country. On a low radar, we have people like my friend I talked about earlier and many others.

I'm lucky to have known about the fastlane at a very young age. I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur. That led me to read books like Rich Dad Poor Dad (was an eye-opener) by Robert Kiyosaki, The Millionaire Next Door, Richest man in Babylon and some wealth books by Brian Tracy.

Kiyosaki's book was an eye-opener because it helped inspire an entrepreneurial dream in me. But some books like The Richest Man In Babylon would explain slowlane dogmas as they path to wealth. It sounds like save 10 percent of your paycheck and invest it in some kind of entity and wait for it to grow after many years and then you will retire with riches.

Then came the Millionaire Fastlane . I began reading the first few chapters and i felt hope deep inside of me. I can actually become rich while i'm young and up till my retirement age. The fastlane made more sense to me as i began to spot various young millionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Nick D'Aloisio (guy who sold his app to Yahoo for $30million) and I was able to spot young millionaires from my country living the dream.

I instantly knew i had the key to wealth. Even though i'm yet to build any need-based business yet, I'm sure i'll succeed definitely. For now, I'll build some kind of business that doesn't entirely satisfy the fastlane commandments. Then i'll invest the proceeds into a more controllable entity that satisfy the fastlane commandments.

Thanks @MJ Demarco for sharing the secrets to wealth. It has helped millions of people around the world and has given me the hope of living the dream in my young age. I bet a lot of teenagers in my country are yet to know these secrets which you have revealed to us at a paltry sum of money. God bless you and your family.

A. Danny.
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