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Apr 24, 2019
Hi everyone,

After I've read forum rules from MJ, it made sense to introduce myself and start here with my first post. Probably like most of us here, I have found out about the forum while reading a book - " Millionaire Fastlane ". I am about to finish the book, and as I have some time today, because of my day off from my Slowlane Job, I got really tempted to visit the forum and see what's there. I have a feeling that this forum will be an ideal opportunity to surround myself with like-minded individuals who are success orientated. It’s a brick that’s missing in my friends and family circle, where everyone is focused on "getting the best job".

Speaking of "getting the best job" philosophy, this is something that I could never get really convinced by. I remember almost as it was yesterday, when I was six years old, I wanted to become a businessman and make money. Maybe hence my work career focused on jumping from one place to another looking for the best pay. In every employment, after few months, I start to miss something, I miss challenge. Especially that at most places I worked in my management expected me to focus on my role and repeat daily the same activities, saying "this is your role". BORING!

Therefore after every few months in a job, I always started to look for ways on how to improve efficiency of my work and make it easier. Ideally, find ways of doing things that are less time consuming and more automatic, where the repeated daily activities will be done by a computer or by someone else.

Usually after a year or so, I either was looking for new challenge (job) with better earnings potential, or got approached by another company offering me better pay rate. I was constantly chasing better intrinsic value. I was convinced that this is the way to become wealthy someday. Be better at what you do, get paid more by the company, save more, invest more in the index fund and the more money I make and more I invest the quicker I can become wealthy.

I am a big fan of personal improvement, this journey started when I was sixteen after I read Brian Tracy book "Maximum Achievement". After this book I forgot about working on myself, as I discovered drugs, alcohol and women.

I finished high school and went to University, constantly seeking pleasure in my recent discoveries. I dropped out of Uni and went to work, I wanted to earn money, and I just followed that feeling. I was working and partying, constantly looking for better paid roles. Being quite confident I looked for sales roles, as I thought that if I sell I will make loads of money. I moved to UK and continued my destructive lifestyle. Work, party, work, party, work.

I was very fortunate to meet my current girlfriend, who as I recently discovered is not criticizing me, she is trying to help me improve myself, by pointing things to work on. Gradually drugs and partying were disappearing as we focused on our environment. She has big dreams, as I do. She is willing to work on herself, as I do. She is willing to be rich, as we all do :)

I was fortunate to end up living with someone who is focused on quality products, quality service and quality lifestyle. Somehow we started to annoy and loose our "friends", as they just wanted to live paycheck to paycheck without ideas or willingness to change the world.

The moment drugs started to disappear from my spare time, I discovered back self-development literature. You could say I was back to when I was sixteen, but six years later. So, I read during my lunch breaks and in any spare time. I listened to audiobooks and podcasts on my way to appointments. And I still do it, daily.

I am working every day to be the best version of myself. I want to change the world by helping as many people as possible to become better human beings, who are able to overcome difficulties and live happy wealthy lifes. I will become wealthy, and help others on their journey, that's my mission.

I also train Judo (Japanese martial art) since I was 8 years old, competing internationally till I was sixteen. If you got to this point of my post you know that I got pulled away by naughty experiences at this age. I went back to Judo in England, at the same sort of time when I started back my reading journey. I have done coaching qualification and I am now passing my knowledge to others, training kids and seniors twice a week.

At the moment I work slowlane job in Real Estate, covering property lettings.

I am now working on creation of my own business system, my first step on the Fastlane route.

Hi everyone!

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