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  1. Max Shapira

    RANT The Personal Development SCAM

    The Personal Development SCAM Fair Warning! This message may be a little long. But you have my promise it will be well worth your time. For some of you, this message is really going to clean your clock! For some of you, it will open your eyes. And you will be FREE! Maybe for the first time in...
  2. Womat

    INTRO It's just a beginning

    Hi everyone, After I've read forum rules from MJ, it made sense to introduce myself and start here with my first post. Probably like most of us here, I have found out about the forum while reading a book - " Millionaire Fastlane". I am about to finish the book, and as I have some time today...
  3. NorthItalyGuy

    INTRO Tired of my life.

    I am 22 years old and I have been doing a shitty job for two years from now. But the real question is: What led me to become a grastronomist in the most important supermarket company in my area?(my first and until now unique job) Well, i think my past choices. (and yes @MJ DeMarco , if you...
  4. Byakko

    Fastlane through habits

    I am one of those persons that believes in "We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then, is not an act, but a habit". Therefore when I want to achieve a goal I try to build a set of habits that will get me there. I have been doing this since I was 12 years old. And I have been able to...
  5. Jeannieadele

    INTRO Excited to be here!

    Hello Fastlaners! It's an honor to be apart of this amazing and inspiring forum among all of you like minded, passion driven people! I'm Jeannie, 21 years old, and I'm from Eastern Washington State, USA. I recently stumbled upon MJ's book and I devoured it in a matter of days. I have been...
  6. G-Man

    OFF-TOPIC Freedom Fast Lane (TMF Copycat?)

    Just like I was punished for being logged onto Facebook while viewing a Tai Lopez thread with endless Tai Lopez ads, I'm now being targeted again... this time with something called "The Freedom Fast Lane" @MJ DeMarco methinks you have another copycat... a 20-something copycat with a carefully...
  7. Spicymemer45

    Lazy bones? BRAINS!!!

    Good morning from the sweat hole that is North Carolina! (It's f*ckING 80 DEGREES IN FEBRUARY!!!) Last night I was studying my Udemy course for HTML5 and CSS, then I noticed something. ON Udemy you can have simple Q&A's as the lessons progress and fellow students can answer and question one...
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