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New Contributor
Apr 16, 2018
Hi there!

My name is Alvaro and I am 22 years old. (I am not Mexican but Spanish, so pls no wall jokes haha)

I study third year Electrical and mechanical engineering in Scotland. I have been into self actualisation since I was 17 but I was more focused on the getting girls aspect of it and eventually ended up assisting for the world largest dating company in the world. (RSD) but no worries as Ive read the jimbo jambo stuff from the beginning and I will obviously not post anything related to that, not that Id like to anyway as my interest lie on quite different things now that I have a long term relationship.

As Ive said, Ive read a lot of books on the subject maybe more than 50, specifically oriented towards financial independence, and I would still say Im completely clueless on what to do. I am reading unscripted atm, which has lead me here, and I Ive liked what Ive seen from the forum so far (high quality stuff) and hope I can provide value sometime (because I know thats the most selfish thing to do and it would mean Im already unscripted and financially empowered) down the line the same way I have with girls material to some people.

In any case, in the pick up community if someone is a theory junky and doesn't take action he won't get very far. Im basically, I think, a theory junky in terms of all this stuff but as opposed to game where taking action is so clearly easy as to what to do, just go out, I don't know how to extrapolate this towards business and consistently take action in this realm.

I dread becoming an engineer, but I don't mind finishing the course as it is free and it is somewhat intellectually gratifying and does have some societal recognition and even some practical skills like coding, statistics... and theres also great people Ive meet through my university, which I hope I can meet likeminded individuals on this forum.

I have bought tai Lopez social media agency and it does provide some concrete steps, but I don't like social media one bit, especially after reading books like the shallows or deep work.

Im also curios as what the author has to say on hitting the gym and health (nutrition), maybe he has a chapter and I still haven't reached it... but I have not found anything very good apart from Body by science, 150 healthiest foods, ultramind solution... and those books don't say anything on bro science strength training which is what I do now and which has provided the best results. Like hitting macros and lifting heavy. He has mentioned something on ligaments and that scared me somewhat as I also lift heavy and don't want to get more injured than I am. But this is probs not the right place for this.

Anyhow, my self esteem is very high because I have achieved personal objectives I hold very dear to what constitutes whom I am, Im even also writing a book, but in terms of business my self esteem suffers dearly as I have not been able to implement and focus enough to succeed to the point where some people now make fun of me for being that person that speaks and then never takes action.

I don't mind working hard, I mean thats what Ive been doing so far but not sure what exactly to do. I have a few friends that are making a good living from amazon Fba and even SEO, who could and have helped out. But I think I need a mentor who I can spend time with and learn this stuff. Its a bit of a shame bc some of my family members are very rich business owners with physical business employing more than 300 people but they just want me to follow the beaten path, become an engineer and then just work for them, which I would probs make money from, but wouldn't teach me how to be a boss and wouldn't be free.

Well, that was way longer than I had intended, so thanks for reading so far and do hit me up.
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MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007
Welcome Alvaro! Great to have ya and thanks for the intro.

Late Bloomer

Gold Contributor
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Apr 17, 2018
Hi Alvaro. Is there some historical connection between Mexico and Scotland? I ask because I've read and watch some of Dan Pena's stuff. He grew up in the barrio in Los Angeles, got rich and bought a castle in Scotland. I don't know if both you and he are part of some kind of social/historical theme, or if it's just a coincidence that you also went from a Latin culture to study in Scotland.

Being able to crunch the numbers statistically, work out a problem analytically, and understand what it takes to build something, are incredibly powerful transferable skills! They will help you in any field! Compared to some of the dating/pickup gurus, for instance, you might already be better equipped to look at data from a survey of 5,000 people and recognize meaningful correlations. You can use the analysis part to identify what goes into a business design. What is the engine that drives the results? What is the transmission that links that potential into the marketplace? Your training gives you some powerful, systematic ways to think that many people don't have, so don't underrate it!

I am not a fitness expert. My suggestion there is to look for 50 and 60 year olds in great shape, with robust overall health after decades of athletic or bodybuilding success. What use is something that will make you spectacular for only a few years but permanently damaged after that? I think Ellington Darden is an example of someone with superb longevity in the field.

You seem to have plenty of skills that could be useful as a co-founder of a business, but no particular passion to do any type of business. That's okay, if you aren't passionate, at least you don't have to unlearn "do what you're passionate about" and that will save MJ a week of pep talks on your behalf! ;-)

- Chris


New Contributor
Apr 16, 2018
Thanks so much for responding; I will get back with lengthier answers soon, but Im having my engineering exams right now.

Ps: nothing than I know of other than our common stereotypical historical grievances towards the English lol...
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