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In a slump? Think BEEDS.

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Apr 4, 2015
If I am ever in a slump and my brain is mush I spend 30 seconds running through this list:

B - Behaviour
E - Environment
E - Exercise
D - Diet
S - Sleep

In those 30 seconds I find both the reason and the solution.

Behaviour - what have I been doing in the days leading up? Too much partying, too much working - whatever... if it's out of balance then I know what to shift and do more after this exercise.

Environment - Am I in or have I been in loud/dirty/noisy/inside environments etc or just too long in the same place - can I change that by cleaning up (clear desk or room) or by moving to a better environment for what I want?

Exercise - you get the point by now right?

Diet - Yes?

Sleep - Okay good..

Getting it clear in your mind what is out of balance then gives you a better chance of finding the right thing to fix it

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Sep 8, 2013
Yes! Taking time to diagnose why you are where you are in your physical/emotional well being is crucial to changing the situation.

I've gone through long periods of time of not being happy or feeling well. I was always trying to figure out why without considering the events/bad habits that preceded said bad day.

Now, when I get up and I'm not feeling well or am in a bad mood, I ask my self how have I been taking care of myself the day(s) before and make course correction. Overall my habits are way better and this happens less, but it still does happen.

For me it usually went like this:

Wake up tired and unmotivated
A couple of cups of coffee on the couch before starting my day
Oh crap, now I don't have time to work out before my slowlane job
Feeling lethargic from sitting at a desk and staring at a computer all day long, better have some more coffee!
Go home
Now my body/stomach feels tense, time for some alcohol
Hey I'm feeling better and having an enjoyable evening!
Have some more alcohol!
Time for bed
Wake up in the middle of the night dehydrated
Hey look! I just woke up tired and unmotivated again, better drink some coffee!...

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