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mindset shift

  1. B

    Eating cereal without milk causes canker sores!!

    Ben, 29 from the Middle East. Have you ever had the world hit you with a major epiphany? Something that is so universally powerful, that the universe just shoves it up your FACE and alerts you profusely to get out to the world what is holding you back? Gratitude is what we're talking about. I...
  2. thechosen1

    Growth Mindset Works - Scientific Study Proves It

    I thought the Fastlane Community would appreciate this. A scientific study out of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has found that students with a growth mindset have statistically significant results in their academic outcomes versus those who do not hold a growth mindset...
  3. Mr.Maverick

    Get Out Of The Idea Phase And Start Selling Something Valuable.

    Intro Hey everyone, this is going to be my first real post in the forum. Coming from the slow-lane, reading TMF was such an eye opener that I felt like I had to shift my mindset dramatically just to get moving. I hope this helps some of you get inspired and moving again. Back story I...
  4. Everyman

    I Don't Have a Title For This Thread (Yet)

    I find this forum a special place. I have some kind of emotional attachement to it. So I decided I would share some of my life experience. I have tried before, but in hindsight, I was not developed yet (and I was 31 when I joined the forum, I am 38 now). Maybe this will inspire some of you to...
  5. RayAndré

    Is fight or flight holding you back? Are you feeling survival mode stress?

    I'm pivoting from the previous SaaS I was building to helping people get their bodies out of Fight or Flight, Survival Mode, Sympathetic Dominance, etc, to a place where we can effectively execute on our goals with clarity and confidence. My past 5+ years after joining TFF has been quite the...
  6. D

    Could someone kick my a$$ and make me work on my business?

    TLDR: a mediocre student with a comfortable life, already freelancing, want to expand into a business but is lazy and scared. Feel stressed about it. Need advices. Thanks MJ for this forum! Hi everyone. I was born in a middle-class family. I’m in final year at the university. Life is...
  7. Jakub_koru

    Switching your paradigm

    Everyone spends time trying to become someone else without understanding that you can only become the second best at that. Those folks read and watch a lot about their idols—whether it’s an athlete like the late Kobe Bryant or a business mogul like Elon Musk—and they assimilate everything there...
  8. Erix

    Should I start a business now? (I am 15 years old)

    I still procrastinate much and i do not know if i should start now, i know that i have to educate myself first by reading books and looking at posts in this forum but after reading a lot of books should i try to start? My brain says excuses like you are too young or wait till you are 18. I am...
  9. YelmisPravida

    Life altering insight: Pursuing a clear vision vs. improving iteratively (and how lack of trust in myself led to the latter)

    I've always seen life through an evolutionary lens: The best and safest way to build something is to start with what you have now, identify the current biggest problem or bottleneck, improve that - in a way that is "reversible" should it not work out. Doing this over and over will lead you to a...
  10. wyattnorton

    Inaction Is A Slow Death

    How many times have you taken action, regardless of fear, anxiety, depression, etc. and it turned out to be the best for you? What have you taken action on? What have you not taken action on? Hope you enjoy the video. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!
  11. Coordin

    The Start of Something Beautiful

    Not sure if this is the right forum section for this post, but let me know and I'll move it to the appropriate section. Hello good folks of FLF! A couple months ago I posted about my learning about the FI community and entrepreneurship and how scared I was to get started. Well, I think I've...
  12. seomatic

    How to deal with the frustration of not moving forward?

    Hello Fastlaners, maybe it's the winter weather or my life just sucks I don't really know, but my mood went just down in the last weeks. I understand the concepts discussed in the book in theory very well and even build my own models to analyze other businesses, KPIs and so on ... However the...
  13. D

    Words for Recovering Sidewalkers

    I have to say, I am currently a recovering sidewalker. I stacked up expensive parasitic consumer debt thinking I'd pay it off when I got my hustle rolling, while sneering at the slowlaners wasting time for $2 an hour. While I am not going to become an inconveinent saver, because I think bigger...
  14. jpanarra

    Mindset to Generate Income

    I’ve seen this approach in a number of different forms on here on the FLF. MJ made one about his Raptor truck and I believe I saw biophase do another one about his audi. I cannot recall but I’ve learned this concept and am slowly implementing it. I’m not 100% if mine is any different but those...
  15. Mr. Bazz

    Why entrepreneurship is the greatest career!!

    OLD TITLE: Why America is the Greatest Country! NEW TITLE: Why Entrepreneurship is the Greatest Career!! Impact Millions make Millions as @MJ DeMarco says. I stumbled upon this article about David Barnett the inventor of the PopSocket, a product that netted +50 million in Sales in 2018. Man...
  16. jonahsr

    The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity - CRITICAL

    I recently came across this talk & it affected me pretty deeply. I feel like many of us have this "I am not enough" mindset deep down in their unconscious, and I think it can be either a driving factor for growth or the thing that limits their life severely. What do I mean by this? Either...
  17. Jon Anthony

    One Simple Rule That Will 10x Your Results

    Hey. My name's Jon. You may have heard of me in my previous post... Everything I Learned From Blogging $0 to $15k/month If not, that's fine. I just wanted to share something with you today. This simple mindset shift has literally helped me 10x my life. I'm not going to make you wait for it...
  18. Andrew W

    The Secret Technique People Are Using to Get out of Their Comfort Zone and Crush Life. REVEALED!

    Would you like to know why the people you look up to seem to be moving light years faster than you? Why they are able to go 0-60 in 6 seconds while you can't even make it out of the driveway? If you could just tap into their drive don't you think you could be the one to push the boundaries...
  19. Andy Black

    What's the point complaining?

    I’m forever grateful for my military dad who taught me not to complain. If you can’t do something about it, what’s the point complaining? If you *can* do something about it, what’s the point complaining? If you’re not going to do something about it, what’s the point complaining? If you *are*...
  20. windchaser

    I did it again... A tale of addiction to the slowlane (and detox)

    Hi felow fastlaners, First of all I want to admit here I am an addict. My drug? The slowlane. I know it is bad for my health, it will enslave me, it will make you unhappy and it will prevent me for being happy, but in moments of weakness I have gone back to it again and again. But, like any...

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