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I quote "It is at the Redline where the man are separated from the boys" This is my story

A detailed account of a Fastlane process...


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Feb 20, 2016
So if the entry barrier is bigger offline and it is cheaper and faster online, which one should you choose?
You offcourse take the most difficult road because the competition is less. MJ said this many times. If you violate the commandment of entry, in no time everybody will do it and you will be out of luck.
It also depends on your experience and where do you thrive. For me offline is way more difficult. Too much time with people :D

+12 years working online, 1 year working offline (very harsh btw).

But I'm ok with the idea of not taking the online way by default.
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Arthur Redline

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Dec 14, 2017
The Netherlands
Haha for me it is the opposite. I worked online and I only got in to trouble. Once I worked offline I noticed how much better and faster things happened. Because I could make it happen. So yes, you are right, it is where you thrive best that gives good opportunities too.


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Dec 19, 2017
I agree with you partly. I think long hours are gonna be there for the first few years online or offline. But it does not make a difference if there is not a true need for what you are selling. If you get the need right, you will always have succes! Even when you product/service is not fully developt or perfect yet. I read once, that if you want to know if the need is there, a crappy version of what you are selling should still sell. And as you perfect it, it will only grow.

I am not saying that online is impossible. But I think a common man has more chance offline because we are not all gifted with magic hands for programming. Besides, online is also overrated because back in the day, like 20 years ago, you could get some true results with SEO and a good concept. Around 2000 a lot of people became millionaires because they were the pioniers at online businesses. These days because of facebook and google traffic is not free at all!! It costs a real chunk of change just to get some costumers. And if you want a good SEO you either have to have enormous budgets or spend 4 years on perfect SEO to get some free visitors. This I tried with my online business and it took me 2 years to get to 30.000 visitors a month free. But if I compare that to my real life store, because I have a good location, I only open the front door and people walk in (FOR FREE). Well I pay the rent, but if you spend my rent on adwords you would have traffic ONE DAY and would be left empty the rest of the month.

So in my opinion because everybody is doint it, the prices online have gone up MUCH more than in real life. Which makes opportuities arise in the OFFLINE world.

My offline experiance has been 10x faster and cheaper and more profitable.

This is a great point and something to think about. I'll be dreaming about this tonight.

Online is the first place we think about, but there's a whole physical world out there. Even Amazon is going to brick and mortar.
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Dec 19, 2017

Great hustle Redline!

I feel the same way about TMF ! It's an amazing book!

Here is the thing:

Though, I do think UNSCRIPTED is a better book and more dialed in than TMF , there is just something about TMF.

Both great books btw. Best books I have read in my life.

Why I love TMF:

Though, many people on here view fast lane in terms of CENTS, the law of effection resonates more with me as a tool to build a fast lane business.

And it was in TMF I came across this.

(Unit sold x unit profit) + Asset Value.

Impact millions.

I dismissed a lot of ideas because of CENTS and it held me back for sometime (though like MJ said, any action is better than looking for an idea that meets all the CENTS commandments.)

Things didn't start to positively change for me till I said 'you know what, use the law of effection as your base formula and support it with CENTS.'

So I started a barbing saloon.

It failed ENTRY because this was a business with little to no barrier to entry where I live.

Anyone could literally get one up and running in a month with little investment. And there was a lot of saloons around town. On average, 2 on a street.

For NEEDS I wrote down more than 20 value attributes around the market and began these skewing value attributes massively.

Others used standing fans, so I went with air conditioning. (A lot of saloons are steaming hot in my area).

The average saloon had 4 barbing stations, I had 20. (This cut down massively on waiting time).

Sterilized equipments 24/7

Cable TV while you wait.

Free wifi.

Sold drinks/coffee at cost

You get the idea.

But the real plan was to open 10 chains a year in different locations in my state to meet the law of effection.

We started with doing 30 cuts a day and after 18 months we are doing 400+.

I reinvests most of the profit (50%).

Now, I can open a store every 2 months from allocated profits for reinvestment.

My long term goal is to open a 100 stores through careful iteration over the next five-ten years.

All the stores are standardized. They look alike, feel alike, have same value arrays and people are starting to recognize us as a brand.

Thank you MJ for that single formula!

It's changed a lot for me.

Sorry OP if it seems like I hijacked your thread but your story inspired me to tell my story too and validate the true essence of impacting MILLIONS.

For me, my advice to new fastlaners would be lean more towards using the law of effection, enter big established markets so you take care of N in cents, then skew value massively think 10x. Dial in on Control and TIME. Start always with the law of effection in mind. Chain, franchise etc.

Somewhat controversially forget E at the beginning. This held me back a lot because Entry made me start looking for brand new, difficult ideas. And when I did find one, it required a lot of capital and skill sets that were not easily attainable for me.

The trick is to use your value skews to obey entry down the line.

Keep skewing value at every turn. Every week I look for two value attributes in my market and skew them as far as I can!

This compounded over time and started creating a massive moat for my barbing shops. I left my competitors in the dust before the realized what was going on.

Once again, congrats OP.

Please keep us updated.
Love this. Congrats on the expansion.


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Dec 23, 2017
First post here as I'm new to TMF . I wanted to thank everyone in this thread for opening my eyes up to possibility outside of the online world. I've been getting extremely frustrated because I've not made anything happen yet with Amazon FBA since starting in July, and the other online routes I've seen so far didn't click with me. In general, I'm struggling online. It's nice to know that there are people out there who had similar experiences. I'm wondering if I could be looking at opportunity elsewhere.


Read Fastlane!
Dec 22, 2017
I was smiling all the time reading those paragraphs just imagining how happy you would have felt you would have to see your brand grow and people waiting for your product. The best part is there is no one to show you bossism and try to treat you like a slave and kill your confidence.
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