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How to get rid of obeseness now


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Apr 1, 2018
Hello Fastlaners,

i have seen here threads and questions about loosing weight. It seems to be an important topic.
In the last year I lost over 35kg. Yes I mean kilogram not pounds! Today people ask me how I did and now I will tell you too.
But before I start, I want you to understand some things, without you won't be able to lose weight.

First: I often hear loosing weight, but is it really your goal to lose weight or would you like to lose fat? I have started learning about food and how to lose weight 5 years ago.
I have tested many things and "tricks". Some worked for me well some a little and many did not.
So do you want to lose fat or weight? This makes a huge difference!

Second: Read TMF again where MJ talks about instant gratification. It's quite similar to loosing fat. You also hear: "Eat how you fell well with".
But this is the point When I was over 140kg I felt well with chocolate and I didn't felt with an apple... Most fat people try to mask bad feelings with food.
This is the real problem. If you can't fix this NOBODY can help you to lose weight!
When MJ talks about process he describes perfectly the process of loosing weight or fat. 35kg does not disappear overnight.

Men have it much easier than women to lose fat.
When it comes to weight the differences aren't that hard.
I will tell you the difference later. I am 25 by now. Like I said people asked me and I told them. My experience, it becomes harder the older you are. And again it gets even harder for older women than for younger. Sry here but this is my experience. Harder does NOT mean impossible, it works but it takes more time.

80% of the reslut or even more are the things you eat, the rest is gym, jogging what ever. I write this for really over weighted people not for loosing 5kg. And I will stay with kg please calculate it yourself to pounds if you want.

Let's Start:
What is the biggest fat burner in your body?
Right. Muscles, the less you have the less you burn.
I asked you loosing weight or fat. If you choose fat, protect your muscles!
For women, it is important at what age did you become obese?
Women muscle growth goes down after puberty.
This is linked to testosterone. Have you been obese early on, usually you have some more muscles than a woman who get obese with 40.

A deficit of calories results in weight loss and this includes losing muscles. But you can choose food that protects muscles better than other. I found no way just to lose fat and keep all my muscles so far! Maybe this works if you do way much more sports, but be honest. Obese people don't to that many sports.
I do it occasionally but I walk by feed often.
I had periods where went multiple times a week to gym. I can report about the effects to if you like but for now 80% or more is food!

Eating the right macro nutrients to the right time is important. I guess you already heard about different metabolic types. This is very important but obese people tend to have a very similar, so I will not go in detail here. If you like to get more information just ask.

If you have a disease like diabetes, ask your doctor for help. I personally do not trust doctors but this is up to you. I am not a doctor.
If you hope for a good taste you should be able to cook well or have a bunch of money to buy good food with good tastes. Sry I like coke too, but I do not drink it!

Food: First of all industrial food is shit. Sorry for my expression but our body can easily be fed with bananas and apples there is no need for ice cream and chips. But yes it tastes very well.
Read MJs opinion about instant gratification. TMF can also be great advice to lose pounds. But I also mean stuff like bread, noodles, sausages and so on.

Let's go in detail:

1 gram of ... provides cal.

Carbohydrates: 4.1
protein: 4.1
alcohol: 7.1
fat: 9.3

This means fat and alcohol provides a lot of energy. But if you drink a lot how long to you feel not hungry in comparison to a fine meal? Right drinking alcohol makes it extremely hard to lose weight or fat so stop drinking it! Fyi it provides fast energy.

Fat: provides energy long term, and a very huge amount. If you eat a lot of fat the result is you have to eat less to achieve a deficit. It is possible but harder. Fyi your body consumes 3% of the fat's energy while digests it. Your body usually burns fat from food after burning body fat. Fat is also important to create new cells, especially in your brain.

Carbohydrates: fast or medium energy source, it depends on the type of carbs for e.g. potatoes or sugar. But this is less important for now. If you don't want to fell hungry all day you should eat enough. Carbs provide a low amount of energy, so we could think this I a good option or?
Sorry again but it is NOT. It is for people with a different type of metabolism.
Carbs a great if you do enough sports.... But we talked about it already.
Carbs also pushes your insulin level. A high level of insulin prevents you from entering a ketone metabolism. But this is required to burn fat.
Low blood sugar and high insulin results in hunger even when you have eaten enough.
Your body does not burn fat and carbs at the same time. This is the point. Do you eat carbs and fat for e.g. chips or chocolate you burn the carbs and add the fat to your body. After you wll feel hungry...
Our body consumes 6% of the carb's energy while digests it.

Protein: It also provides low energy and it won't be consumed fast. Note, your body dislikes it to use protein as a source of energy, why?
Protein is essential to create new cells! Every new cell needs protein! This is something your body knows, and he does everything to get it, if an important cell needs protein.
If you go to bed and you haven’t eaten enough protein what happens? Like I said every cell needs it. So if you create new cells in your brain or heart you need protein. But what to do if the supply is empty? Your body burns other cells often muscles! But I said muscles are fat burners. Yes that's the point! Your body kills cells which kill fat. This should not happen! Bodybuilders eat a bunch of low fat quark(high protein supply) before they go to bed, guess why? In addition, our body consumes 30% of the protein energy while digests it.

What to eat now?: So we want to save muscles and lose fat. Eat carbs stops fat burning. Eat fat you can't eat much. Eat protein and your body doesn't like to use it as an energy source. What else could he use as energy source? Uh yea your thick belly. Ah that what we want!

This does not mean just eat protein and nothing else, but in your medical system they will tell you to eat 15-20% of your daily calories in protein. BS, Bodybuilders go for 30% often 40%. Are they obese? See the difference?

What does this mean to you? Bodybuilders often eat a bunch of carbs too. Remember what I said? They are for folks who do sports. Ah yea bodybuilders do sports. But you don't!

So what to eat? Just eat more protein! And if I say protein, I do not mean stuff like protein + a bunch of fat or carbs.
Where do you find a bunch of protein? Chicken is great. No not KFC chicken. Do you know what is around the chicken? Carbs! Often more than protein.

That is NOT what we want.
Here you found protein without a bunch of shit: poultry meat, fish, harz cheese and quark.

What else can you eat: Fruits and vegetables! Normally I eat fruits at morning and in the afternoon. I eat vegetables all day. Some days I eat over 1kg vegetables a day. By the way I don't eat Vegas or fruits from the industry I eat them fresh!

A typical day:
8-10am: Banana + chicken or harz cheese
1-4pm: fresh salad & harz cheese with chicken or fish.
8-10pm: chicken or low fat quark
I eat vegetables whenever I want as much as I want

I lost 20kg since Christmas. I'm not finished yet, but I know I achieve my goals.
I had a BMI over 40. Now its 27 so it really works, but you need to be disciplined.
Instant gratification is the trade off for your health, remember it when someone says "come on just take a bit" or you want to eat shit. Remember it ALLWAYS.

If you are willing to lose fat, then you know the way I did and other people I told too.
Take it or leave it.
If you go for it, read ingredients of food.
Check out for the amount of fat, carbs and protein.
And avoid industrial stuff.

My recommendation:

Carbs > 5% Do not eat it unless its fruit!
Fat > 10% don't eat it! Sometimes I eat nuts ok. Once a month maybe.
I will increase when my fats is gone totally.
Try pro go for stuff above 10% protein. harz cheese has 30%!
Drink water or tea not sugar. If you eat like this you will drink more and you will be more thirsty. Drinking won't be a problem any more.
Your body needs more water to use the protein, but this is another topic.
No oil on salad!
Eat as much vegetables you like. I go for 2-2,5 gram protein a kg body weight daily. And I stay below 1500 cal + the amount I burn. There a enough apps tracking your steps just go for it.
If you eat this way you will realise there is no space for shit food.

If you want to lose weight faster just eat the veges and fruits. This goes SUPERFAST (1-2kg a week) but you lose a bunch of muscles to. That's why I continue with protein. If you go for it bananas will help.
I recommend it to women who like to get a really slim body fast.
Just vegis and fruits is hard!

Note: Your Body can produce protein just by fruits! But this is another topic.

So I really hope you guys try it if you wanna lose weight.
It works very well but requires process and discipline!
I wish you best results.

If you have questions just ask.
I tested many other options, just
ask if you would like to know about them.
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