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How I reduced the amount of time I waste online

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Oct 28, 2019
Lancaster County, PA
Just a little pro tip if you got problems with spending too much time on instagram, fb, linkedin and more on your mobile phone but you need them for your business. Next time you buy a new phone and keep your old one and keep these apps only on the old one. Then don't install them on the new phone, block their sites there and on your laptop / pc. So if you want to do business-related things on social media you first have to take your old phone out of the drawer.
Ive been considering that - but mount the old phone somewhere, you can only browse on it while standing up ... and it's mounted to the wall... maybe someday :)

actually, would be better to have it tucked away, less of a "trigger" to look at it.

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Dec 27, 2015
Phoenix OR
I do time blocking on my tasks, but because my internet is slow, I found myself on social media while I waited. Yes, that is counterproductive. So I installed SelfControl, and put my shut down, fun, computer in another room. I cannot get to anything that isn't my actual work, so I spend less time on the blocks now.



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Aug 27, 2020
I love this. I've had one of my least productive weeks in ages and I appreciate you for sharing what's worked for you.

For me the biggest the biggest offenders are
1. going on Twitter or YouTube with good intentions and ending up wasting 30 minutes of my time and ruining my ability to concentrate for the next 30
2. and when I'm facing a challenging task I really ramp up the procrastination and action faking.

I'm in no position to be giving advice on this subject but I've had some success with the following:
1. setting a proper ordered to do list/action list for the day and actually taking time to order my tasks as the day goes by
2. Setting a timer with loud volume so when time's up I know it e.g. no more than 15 minutes on twitter
3. I schedule a few short prayers throughout the day this helps me just reflect on how I'm doing. You could meditate or whatever works for you
4. Journaling. When I'm procrastinating it helps to take a few and just ask myself why am I avoiding what needs to be done, what am I feeling and why am I feeling this - I have a lot of self-confidence issues I'm working on and this has helped me deal with the procrastination aspect
5. I set targets and track my time throughout the day and I can compare against the previous week and see where I'm spending my time

I hope this helps

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