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waste of time

  1. J

    How I reduced the amount of time I waste online

    I spend most days working on the computer and I often catch myself checking my emails, reddit or hacker news instead of working. I didn't think it was a problem until I tried using a time tracking app. I realized that I was literally wasting hours every day and I wasn't getting much out of it...
  2. chuckypita

    HOT TOPIC Habit changer: TV is a pitiful waste of time

    After reading James Clear book, "Atomic Habits" - I decided to change my environment up a little bit so I don't fall into the same routines and time depleting habits. I posted this sign on my TV. Hopefully it works wonders. What are some specific actions you've taken to change a habit?
  3. U

    HOT TOPIC Providing Value DOES NOT Equal Money

    I searched the internet and traveled the world looking for an answer to this question. When I began, I looked at online gurus courses, their webinars, and all of the things they had to say about starting an online business. Unfortunately I even hired a business coach who I thought would help...
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