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Jun 17, 2018
Who am I?
Hi Fellow Fastlaners, my name is CJ. I am a married guy in my thirties with a kindergarten child. Being a corporate American employee for a decade, I still lost in my identity with no prospect of financial freedom, not even to mention the hopelessness of being a scripted slowlaner.

Both my wife and I have full-time corporate jobs. We have a mortgage on my current house and no other debts, which is good; but the prospect of being financially independant is very slim.

We know we need a better way to fly or die.

Where am I from?
Born and grew up in China, I came to the States for graduate school, right after college in China. Got BS/MS degrees in engineering. Ever since, I was working in Oil & Gas industry, or riding the roller-coaster of shale industry. Two years ago, due to industry downturns/oil price collapse, my wife was super scared of the insecurity, both as a career as well as a financial source of family. So I am seeking to escape and ready to make changes.

During those years, I am involved in RE investing as my side project. Currently, holding my 2nd rental property. But, after reading the book of TMF, it's clear to me that, RE investing is a lane; but my baby-step approach is no leverage, either scale or magnitude. So, I keep searching, reading lots of books, while keeping current practices.

During those years, I was exposed to MLM, Network marketing, direct sales, as well as RE investing guru seminars. I did spend time on attending their free lectures as well as 8 hour seminar. Thank goodness, I was not up-sold by their grand dollar seminars. All those stuff were mentioned in the book of TMF. Thanks for clearing up and let me know what those folks's are really doing. Thanks a lot, MJ! <side notes here, now I know some of books that I bought and read are simply scripted mainstream advices that the authors not even care about practices>

Where am I going?
Finished reading TMF and still reading Unscripted, my mind is blowing away and it is a great revelation in my life. Currently I am still serving a corporate full-time job.

But deep down my heart, I know it's not my cup of tea. It's only a gig that I am trading my time for paycheck. I cannot stand it killing my America dreams. Reminding me of back then, after college in China, the reason that I want to come to States. Back then, I did not know anything concretes; I was just told from other senior folks from my colleges that going to US to chase freedom. I guess my understanding back then, is really two-pronged: one, to find a better version of myself; two, to achieve financial independence. I think this is still valid right now. Just for a quick reflection, through the years, I did grow but more kind of autopiloting, as scripted, go to college, find a job, get married, mortgage a SFH and have kids. But from personal development perspective, I am searching for a direction these years. Until recent finished reading the book of TMF and noticed the 2nd book of Unscripted and with the core part/execution part left unfinished, it seems to me that I find the direction: the fastlane. It lights up my heart and sole. It re-ignites my original America dream back then. It provides re-newal hope in my personal life. Thank you very much, MJ!

With that being shared, I am excited to joining the FASTLANE Forum with Fellow Fastlaners!

May I call myself aspiring entrepreneurs?

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