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Hugo Del Portel

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Jul 15, 2020
Barcelona Spain
Hey ! Hi to everyone !

I'm Hugo, 26 , born in Italy, raised in France, currently working in Spain.
About my schooling, I've a Master in Industrial Engineering, curious and practical guy.

So, a few line to introduce myself, I promise to be short.

As far as I remember, I wanted to be an Inventor, partly because of the dad in the Rugrats, but mainly thanks to the Lego I've been surrounded with.
From there, Mom said that "an Inventor school doesn't exist, so go to an Engineering one" Maybe the first tangible contact with the SCRIPTED life, get a diploma and goto work for someone. So I did. I got the diploma, did some internships, been brilliant at it (At that time, I was living in Northen France, on the coast, terrible weather, tremendous winds an constant raining). Been promise a shinny job. Got a shinny deception. So I did a bit of depression ( Mixed with other reasons, but i promised to keep it short).
A famous french song saids that "misery isn't that bitter under the sun", so I decided to move to Bacelona, convinced that, with my diploma, limited but international experiences as a project engineer and my fluency in 4 languages, I would find a good job in a jiffy, given that big city like Barcelona should offer the best opportunities .
What a fool I was..
After some "dropout" jobs, I finally got a job, way under my qualification, uninteressant and to be fair, underpaid. Again, I've been promise the sun, evolution, callenging tasks, but again, I'm just waiting for something I cannot control ... It's been more than two years, and I'm still waiting.
Anyway, I don't really know how, you can say that fate may be at stake -or not- but I've been reading TMF for the third time, and something ticked inside. SAme feeling that made me change country. Time to move on. Now I got to go back to who I trully am, an Inventor. I don't know if I'm an entrepreneur yet, but one step a the time.
Got some ideas, one in particulary that fits the 5 Commandements. Now I'm in project mode, but for the first time i got to report only to myself, and this feels wonderfull.
I spotted a problem, while searching for a new job (even knowing that a new job will not fix my problems, but the man gotta eat) and I'm sure that with some time and self training my proposition will help people in a worldwide scale.

PS : To MJ : first of all, thank you for taking the time to write a book. I mean at least the two that I read. I thought that I was the only one revolted that we bargain 5 day for 2. My entourage was against me, saying that you cant fight the system, unless I wanted to live like a hobo or an hermit. Well, If you can't beat them, join them, right ? My frst lecture of TMF was about a year ago, and I trully identify myself with you on some points ; we both feel better under a sunny climate, that we knew that there were something better outside that what is offered, I have the same vision of a constant need of learning new stuff, and I'm not affraid to do "sh!tty" jobs. (I litteraly daily cleaned a room knee-high-filled of cow sh!t as a farm job )

To anyone; thank you for your time, I know how precious it is. Feel free to ask me anything, I'll answer with an open heart.

I wanna make an impact. Surelly not to seem pretencious, but I know I can do it.
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