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New Contributor
Read Fastlane!
Feb 14, 2018
Thanks @MJ DeMarco are my hero.

Your book TMf gave me the chance to live.Reading it was very hard for me( to understand )and it took more than three months to read it through because everything in your book was new to me( terms such as: choices, negative thoughts/thinking/people,subconscious, law of attraction and alot of other things). i was manipulated alot(i didn't even know that there is something called "manipulation" i was so naive and probably having the lowest self esteem on earth).

After learning that "you are where you are because of your choice " i undergo 2 years personal development (thanks to wikihow)
and after so much learning am now the opposite of what i was before and i even get admitted into one of the best college in my country...Thanks @ Mj Demarco.. although now i have serious trust issues ..

1st business failure:
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New Contributor
Read Fastlane!
Feb 14, 2018
1st business failure:

i saw a post on how to earn $300 per day through facebook page on Google(Money chasing) i then started a page(entertainment page) grow it to 33k followers by sharing to different groups because i couldn't afford to advertise my page (although i spent sum few dollars). i started it December 2017 and i decided to quit February 2018 because of two reasons :

1) No control: I get to know that facebook can unpublished your facebook page anytime( imagine i drop out of school to fund it to like 1 million followers then wake up one day and every thing is gone). i was even ban twice and i don't want to be finally ban.

2)No entry: while sharing my post to different groups i always see a newly created page at least twice a day.

3) January 2nd facebook change their algorithm saying saying that page feeds will be reduced apart from organic reach which was already at 2%(only that has facebook page will understand this) .

lessoned learned: first time moving outside of my comfort zone in business (managing as an admin and creating a blog with over 27 engaging post. it was all new to me: soucing for what post to write, creating disclaimers, policy, google advert, pop up/push down advert, editing a blog html, using alexa to ideal my audience, people rating and saying lovely and hash comments about your page and a lot of interesting process)

Also, i get to know that "CENTS" is a must for a business to succeed.

2nd business failure:

i action fake for over 6 months preparing and learning on starting, growing and maintaining a forum. i choose forum because it has a very high entry barrier in my country .But when it was time t because it has a very high entry barrier in my country .But when it was time to execute i discovered that to draw traffic is a pain because I couldn't afford to advertise using Google and on social media since am not yet earning on it.

how i got to know about TMF :

i was listening to a message by a respectful man in my country who always emphasize that sucess is achieved not by college degree but by reading books related to your aim(financial/business). he build his audience with zero asset decades ago and later now in 2018 he's One of the top 7 richest in the world in his field ($200 million approximately ) . i checked top financial books on Google and get enticed by mj opening. Although before then i bought "think and grow rich and millionaire next-door " i gave them out because they are waste of time to me.

Am now an e-commerce entrepreneur although still learning.


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