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Forum Self-Promotion Opp: Offers, Links, Your Business, More! (July W3/W4)

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Aug 14, 2014
There are many business owners here working to get into the fastlane and create businesses that make CENTS.

I've learned a few trades like design, and coding but I want to learn to get better at connecting with people (B2B and H2H).

I want to build teams and rely other people's strengths and help them wherever I can.
If you are reading this and need help with any of the following, or just want to chat message me.

Web/App Design - (Design Portfolio)
Shopify (My Website)
Wordpress/Woocommerce (Development Site | Github)
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New Contributor
Feb 6, 2019
Thanks for the opportunity MJ! I've been managing Amazon clients for roughly 6 months now and happy to offer those services to anyone in need for their business from the forum, If you are interested as a FL'er your rates will be discounted.

- Amazon PPC
- Listing management & optimization
- Keyword optimization
- The list goes on.

For those interested just go ahead and dm me and I can provide more info!
Do you help with promoting eBooks?
I just published a book, and haven't tried to get any sales other than putting on to Amazon KDP.

Are you able to help me get sales using your methods?
When We Become Giants, is the title if you want to check the listing out before getting back to me.

For some reason its kind of hard to find, even though its the only product with this title. So here is the link: When We Become Giants: A Tale From The Forces We All Experience (9780996956123): Jeremy Reddig: Books



Jul 27, 2019
We're all on this forum because we want to be successful; that's obvious. Success doesn't come overnight and so often people have to work in their day job or stay in school while also pursuing their entrepreneurial dream.

This can lead to overwhelm and burnout really quickly.

What is needed is proper time-management skills, but it really goes beyond that. We need to know how to not only manage our time but prioritize to grow.

I developed this virtual mastermind event for just that purpose. If you want to connect, share, and grow with highly ambitious people just like you, be sure to check out this event!
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New Contributor
Feb 6, 2019
Well, I don't exactly have anything to sell, because its not ready. Although, if someone did try and buy something the website system will allow them to, and we will ship the product.

That said, if you have anything to do with ecommerce/branding services, as well as finding loop holes in advertising check out

Also, if anyone has branded products (health and wellness only please) you would like for us to carry let us know and we can work out a deal that works for everyone.

I'm looking for all the ways we can improve this and scale into at least a $70,000 monthly revenue generating system like MJ discusses as one of his examples in the book.

I know we are just starting out and have a ton of room to grow, so please keep that in mind.

I'm looking at the mud and the clouds. And we are working on merging right now and building with the end in mind.


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Nov 6, 2016
Goodyear Az
Just got my first ever book up on retail leadership, sales, and leadership in general. Please check it out and give it a review with your thoughts!! Money back guarantee to all forum members, just PM me here with order info if you weren't happy with it! Like me on FB and share the link with your friends and I may just send you a FREE copy in exchange for a review.
You can also help out by just reading it with Kindle Unlimited and again sharing a review if you so choose....
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