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Finding VAs in Facebook groups (instead of Upwork or Fiverr)

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Oct 29, 2007
Edmond, Oklahoma
I had trouble finding a comment in the "Solopreneurs doing $1M or more..." thread specifically related to this, but I started hiring VAs via Facebook groups a little over a month ago on a recommendation from an Internet marketer friend of mine.

So I posted this to our Instagram account a few weeks ago.

Obviously there is quality vetting involved. Once introductions, rate discussion, and portfolio reviews were over with, I had the benefit of a step-by-step procedure I had written on exactly what I needed.

This digital document contained detailed steps of what the process was and what its results needed to look like. Having done this eliminated the back-and-forth progress reports and reviews, miscommunication, and delayed completion too common when dealing with VAs of foreign decent.

{What I learned recently from Doug Cunnington was that if your VAs screw up, it's more than likely your fault. Cool, I'm all about asking myself "What could I have done differently?"}

My VA and I communicated through Messenger before I moved us exclusively to email only.

Assigning the 1st task, of course, took the intro, rate discussion, etc. mentioned above. The subsequent assignments I have delegated since literally took 2 (two) messages a piece: nutshell...

Me: "Here is what I need and when it's due."
Her: "No problem. Thank you for the work. I'll attach and send to you when I'm done."

Done. Easiest outsourcing in the world.

As you know, there are entire threads of discussion surrounding "do I use foreign or domestic VAs", "how do you get around the language barrier", etc. I was advised to START with Filipino VAs because they have a stronger command of the English language, typically. So, I did.

Anyhow, this was the first business I've ever built by beginning with the end in mind. I began building with VAs and freelancers.

Goodness Gracious! What a weight it has taken off my shoulders and my mood has been SO MUCH BETTER the past several weeks because of it.

I LOVE producing more while working less.
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Apr 3, 2017
Ottawa On Canada
Can you recommend any particular FB groups? I'll be needing some graphic design work done at some point.

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