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Find a Business Idea in the Next 21 Days | Limitless Academy | $249 - Course #1

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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
Find a Business Idea in the Next 21 Days
$100 Discount if You Enroll by October 20th
Limitless Academy | Andrew Alexander
Who This Program Is for: Whether you're struggling to find a business idea, you have too many ideas and are stuck in analysis paralysis, or you keep jumping from idea to idea when you don't see results right away; this training program is what will get you settled in with the right product or service to sell for your business.

Main Benefits of this Program: By the end of this training program (which includes personal mentorship calls), you will have the clarity and confidence to know that you are selecting the right product or service to sell, you will no longer jump from idea to idea because you'll be committed to growing one large business, and you will be certain you won't waste months to years of your time walking down the wrong path...

What is included in this program:
  1. Three 60-Minute Personal Consulting Skype/Phone Sessions with Me (Andrew Alexander, Founder of Limitless Academy).
  2. Video Training Program | Everything You Need to Find the Right Business Idea
  3. A Pre-Release Order of my Book on the Topic.
Enroll by Oct. 20th and Receive These Six (6) Extras

If You Enroll Before Oct. 20th, you will also receive the following:
  1. $100 discount off this training ($149 instead of $249)
  2. 10% off of Limitless Academy Training Programs and Services for 12 Months (Inner transformation work, practical skills training in various areas of business, and release stress, anxiety, and boost motivation & confidence)
  3. Video Course: The Cure for Motivation
  4. Video Course: Unconscious Influence & Persuasion (Effective Communication)
  5. The Guarantee: I will continue working with you until you are confident with the business idea you chose (the product or service you'll be selling to the market). You have to take action though and commit to this.
  6. A 4th Mentorship Call, offered by one of the students of the Limitless Academy Startup Incubator Program, who just went through the process on selecting his product to sell - getting sales within the first 30 days, and is already getting a ton of great customer feedback saying how his business really helped their lives. He can give you a second perspective from someone who has been in your shoes before. He's also a member of this forum with a kick-a$$ progress thread...
What Makes This Program Unique?
(You Have to Read This Part - Especially #2)

Limitless Academy has been solving this exact problem for entrepreneurs for three years already.

1) Experience & Personal Mentorship Unlike traditional 'info products' or 'video training courses', this offer comes with personal mentorship calls from someone experienced in selling over 12,000 units of digital and physical products, services up to $4,500 per sale, and has helped hundreds of Fastlaners start and grow their businesses after my first business took off in 2014.

2) Inner Transformation Experience - I am trained and experienced in a number of unique skill-sets which most people never even heard of. Through this inner-change work, I will release any lack of clarity, focus, direction, or doubts you may have struggled with in the past in the matter of 60 minutes or less (over 300 client success stories already using this service).

It's the emotions you have which lead you to actually pursuing the idea and making quick meaningful progress with your business.
  • You want the direction and clarity where you know the product or service you sell will lead to a profitable and successful business.
  • You want the confidence to know that you won't be wasting months or years of your time trying to go after the wrong idea. Most people stand in place when they don't have this confidence. It takes a single Skype or Phone call session to develop it.
  • You want the commitment and focus to avoid 'shiny object syndrome', jumping ship from your idea to the latest fad or crazy (T shirts on Facebook, bitcoin, pokemon go).
This way, when you commit to one thing, you will finally start seeing the results you've been looking for.

All of these things that are really holding you back are internal thoughts, feelings, and states of being. When my first internet business took off in 2014, I began traveling a lot and learning even more about things that I now use to help you have success in business.

I've spent thousands of dollars, years of my life, and countless hours mastering skills such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology, Quantum Physics, Hypnosis, Spiritual and Metaphysical transformation work, Eastern Medicine, and in 2015 I even went on to get trained as a psychic.

Mixing these techniques with the practical experience I've gained from being a Fastlaner since 2011; I truly offer a service that nobody else in this world is capable of providing you.

Time is your most valuable asset, and think about how much of it you will save by finally having the confidence in a product you're going to sell today...
Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 11.20.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 11.20.15 PM.png

Life Is About Enjoying Your Experiences

My mission in life is to help people break free from the life they feel stuck in, so they too can live the life of their dreams. Outside of doing this through entrepreneur training, I publish books on relationships, motivation, happiness, stress-management, and healthy eating.

I call Boulder, Colorado home, where I spend most my mornings hiking through the Rocky Mountains. After that, I open up my laptop, grab a cup of coffee to write the latest book I'm working on, work on my business, and then I spend three months out of the year packing my travel backpack and exploring a new part of the world.


Running my business from a cafe in Granada, Spain | 2016

Limitless is about the transformation from where you are to where you want to be. No matter how stuck you've felt in the past, the time is now where everything turns around for the upward spiral of success that is waiting for you, and that you deserve.

About Limitless Academy


Why I Created This Business for You:
I spent 2.5 years wasting my time with the wrong ideas, and I found a way to help you avoid the same painful mistakes I made when I was in your shoes.

After my first business took off, I spent my time learning inner-transformation work to rapidly reprogram your mindset and emotional state so you no longer lack the confidence, you no longer procrastinate, you no longer doubt yourself. You know exactly what steps to take, you know how to make sales, you know how to market your product or service, and you are making meaningful progress through the work you are doing; allowing you to grow your business quicker and faster than going at it alone.

After honing my skills and helping a number of fastlaners for free, Limitless Academy was founded in 2015 to help solve these problems in your life as a business venture.

My personal goal for Limitless Academy is to build a training ground that goes on to educate and transform some of the most successful entrepreneurs on this planet; who impact hundreds of millions of lives, solve real needs in the market, and create real businesses that make the community, the market, and the world a better place.

The reason why I am so committed to helping you actually be successful (instead of just putting out an info product like too many people out there) is because in 2018 and beyond, I want to begin investing in businesses that I know will be successful. By creating this training academy (March 2015 - Present), I will be able to guarantee my success as a future angel investor.

My promise to you: If you're struggling to find a business idea, you doubt yourself, and you want the clarity in direction and confidence that you won't be wasting your time walking down the wrong path with the wrong idea, if you enroll by October 20th, I will stick with you and support you all the way until you reach that next level of your business...and you already have your idea and a clear direction to start building it. The only thing I ask is you provide the open mind to new ways of doing things, and the actions you will be taking.

Frequently Asked Questions
(These are not actually FAQs)
Here's a sales tip for you.

When you see the FAQ section on good sales copy, it's the polite and happy way of overcoming any objections that would prevent you from buying this product. I'll call it what it is - you have objections that might stop you from buying now, and these "FAQs" will remove those objections. Even with you seeing the clear benefits of this program, even after you got to know more about me and my experience and know I can help you, you still might have some things going through your mind that prevents you from enrolling in this program today, right now.

So through these "FAQ's", I'll overcome the last remaining objections that might hold you back and slow you down from jumping on this right now...

F.A.Q. #1 - Do You Offer a Money Back Guarantee?


You see, what you're
supposed to put here is a 100% no-questions-asked, 60-day money-back guarantee. But I've worked with a lot of people from this forum for free (and paid) since 2014. The truth is that most people talk about being an entrepreneur, but they aren't' actually committed to being one. This is not one of those info products. This is me spending 3 hours of my valuable time helping you one-on-one through Phone/Skype calls, on top of the book and video training modules that will help you choose the business idea in between our calls together.

So by
not offering a money-back guarantee, this allows me to screen out the ones who would waste both my time and theirs, and I'll only attract people into this program who are actually going to be successful in entrepreneurship. It is my goal, and my intent, that if you enroll in Limitless Academy - You will be successful in entrepreneurship.

I also don't guarantee results for you. You and you alone are 100% responsible for everything you do (or don't) get out of life. Nobody is going to do the work for you. I can only show you the way...

F.A.Q. #2 - Do You Have Any Past Client Referrals?

Sometimes the question doesn't uncover the real objection.

What do you really want to be certain of?

You want to be certain that I deliver on what I promise. That by the time you finish this program, you will have a business idea that brings you in 6 or 7 figures per year. You want confidence in the product.

I'll be completely honest with you; I have at least 160 testimonials from people who struggled to get their business started, they hired me, and the struggles went away after a call together or after they went through a video program of mine.

But they come in the form of screenshots of skype convos, facebook messages, text messages, you name it. To put all of the success stories on here would not look pretty, so I'll put two of the ones I have on my homepage at Limitless Academy - from Fastlaners here.


F.A.Q. #3 - Can You Offer a Payment Plan or Extend the Offer Past Oct. 20th?

Have you read this book called The Millionaire Fastlane ?

Inside that book, what is our most valuable asset? Not money...


Every day you don't have your product or service to sell is a day you are essentially losing money.

Look at it from the Fastlaner perspective (I am losing money every day I'm not selling products for my business). Most Slowlaners set $0 per day as their baseline goal and are happy and content with that because they'll be staying with their day jobs forever. Do you have any clue how much time you'll save and how much quicker you'll start making sales when you have your business idea set in stone?

The real benefit of this service is all the additional days you'll be earning revenue when you make meaningful progress sooner.

Before myself and my friends built our first internet businesses, our goals were to be making $100 per day. That was the big milestone, and we all reached it.

Imagine that it will take you one year of work before you begin making $100 per day (or more) if you go at this alone. Now, imagine if you start making that $100 per day 21 days earlier (by enrolling in this course). You will make $2,100 more in profit by enrolling in this course now. If this program helps you get your business up and running 3 months faster, that is $9,000 profit by enrolling in this training now.

    • The Slowlane Way of Thinking (I will be spending $249 - $149 if you register today).
    • The Fastlane Way of Thinking (Every day wasted is a day I'm losing money). The ROI on this investment pays for itself.
What Happens When You Enroll Now?
This is how the process works:

  1. You Enroll in this program by clicking the link at the bottom of this first post.
  2. You will be redirected to a page to schedule your first session (skype or phone).
  3. Within 24 hours, I will email you a pre-session workbook to help get you on track and focused with the direction you are going to go with your business.
  4. After the first session (60 minutes), I will send the follow-up workbook for you to complete and we will work out the arrangements for our second two calls together. If, by the end of the second call, you don't have your business idea set in stone; you will get access to a full video training course and a book I'm writing to help you out, and we will schedule our third call after that.
If you enroll by October 20th, I promise to continue to help you until you are 100% set on a business idea with the confidence that you will succeed. BUT...You have to hold up your end and take action and commit to this...
What Happens If You Don't Enroll Now?
Most people who don't build a successful business have their tires spinning in circles, not going anywhere.

They keep falling into their old ways, remaining struck, frustrated, and doubt that they could ever succeed. They go through these forums and look up to the progress threads, the travel stories, and the gold threads that other people are creating.

These people are the consumers of other people's Fastlane success stories...

But they are not creating the life they want to live.

  • They will continue to jump from idea to idea.
  • They will stay in place, and not move forward because they are not confident they are choosing the right idea.
  • Another 3 months will go by, and their live looks the same.
Do you ever have those times where you look back at the last 3 months of your life and you notice how nothing has changed? It's hard to see it until you really think about it...time wasted. You haven't grown as a person, you haven't accomplished anything, your friends and family still look down at you and tell you that you're wasting your time...

You are still dreaming of having the business, but you're not actually taking action on one...

That's what life will stay like for those who don't enroll in this program.

What Won't Happen if You Don't?
What won't happen if you don't enroll in this program?

It's a question to think about...

  • If you're ready to have the clarity in direction, knowing exactly what steps you need to take next...
  • If you're ready to have the confidence that you won't be wasting months or years of your life working on the wrong idea...
  • If you're ready to have the focus on building one, massively profitable business...instead of jumping from idea to idea...
  • If you're ready to have the certainty that you will be selling a product or service that will turn into a profitable business, and that your customers will love and thank you for...
  • If you're ready to already have your business idea and already be committed to being a successful Fastlaner so you can FINALLY move on and start making actual sales for your business...
This program is exactly what will get you there...but only you take that next step forward...

Save $100 (+ Other Bonuses) by Enrolling By Oct 20th

Click Here to Enroll Now (PayPal)

Skype: andrewalexander1114
Fastlane Forum: Reply to this thread/PM Me
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Feb 28, 2017
I wanted to share my feedback of working with Andrew and describe the results that I've had so far:

Through Limitless Academy, I've worked with Andrew for almost 3 months now where he has provided personalized coaching, specifically with the startup incubator.

It was a no-brainer when I did my research and saw exactly what Andrew could offer - he had the experience personally building his own digital publishing company, and he had the experience working with countless coaching clients to help them go from procrastination and idea flopping to choosing one idea and putting the client in the best possible spot to succeed with his business.

It was really frustrating, back in February of 2017 I started heavily researching entrepreneurship and was amazed how many people were living this lifestyle and broke free from corporate America. Why couldn't I do this? Then came the doubts... I won't have health insurance, what will my friends and family think, how could I ever move away from this area I've always lived in, what if my business fails, etc. I had the drive, I cancelled my playstation network account and stopped religiously playing video games and instead spent my free time buried in books and reading stories of successful entrepreneurs.

However, I just couldn't stick to one business idea - I learned about web design, copywriting, service industry... but nothing would stick. I wasn't experienced with this - how would I know it's the right choice?

Andrew started off by simply asking me a question - beginning with the end in mind, what DO I want out of this future business that I'd like to operate. It got much easier to narrow down working with him, as he analyzed exactly what I wanted and what skillsets I already had to identify the business I should start.

To highlight a few items that we've covered so far after identifying the industry I'd operate in:
  • Brand name and basic branding (how to get a web designer to make a logo)
  • Basics of how to create my own website and how to set it up with web hosting (I literally had no idea how to do this previously)
  • What my unique selling proposition would be and how it could help me compete with the bigger players in the industry
  • How to identify pain points and also give value back in the industry my business is involved with
  • How to effectively communicate the value of the products/services I'm offering and helped me to make my first sale within only one month of working together
My confidence has definitely grown to help solve problems in the market that my business operates in and how to effectively communicate that value to prospective customers. It might sound cliche, but the amazing success I've had with one client has been more worthwhile than 4 years of working in dull Corporate America staring at Microsoft Excel all day. Similar to the overall message of these forums, Andrew has helped me focus on giving value and not just chasing after money. While focusing on giving value, I was able to create my first video tutorial product to solve common pain points in my industry and have already seen a few sales come in.

If you are wavering between business ideas and can't choose one path to commit to, I'd recommend speaking with Andrew to help reduce the learning curve of creating your own business.


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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
An Actual F.A.Q.
Question: Can my experience help people who are living in a different country (Outside of The United States)?
Answer: Yes, I've helped many people from all across the world find business ideas before.

I received an email from a Fastlaner living in India and a private message from a Fastlaner living in Australia asking if I'm still able to help them find a business idea, even if they are not living in the U.S. and if they don't want to sell on something such as Amazon FBA. The answer is yes.

I actually hate the word business idea....

As entrepreneurs, we are finding problems that exist in the world, and we invent and create solutions to those problems. A lot of forum members, including a lot of my past clients go on to utilize the marketing source of Amazon to sell their products.

Your business is broken down into three general areas:
  1. Product
  2. Sales Process
  3. Marketing Source
When you find problems to solve in the world, and you craft an effective solution to the problem; this solution alleviates the pain people feel in their lives (or provides pleasure/entertainment) - which is an automatic bonus when it comes to selling your product/service. Once you have that, the marketing source is the outlet you use to get in front of the people who need your solution the most (the market).

Problems exist everywhere in the world - in the U.S., Europe, India, Australia, China, you name it.

So if you're a non-U.S. based entrepreneur who is wanting to start a Fastlane business in your country, the first step is always to find the problem you're solving...and then once we narrow that down and get a product or service to provide solutions to that problem, we'll find a marketing source that is right for you to get in front of your audience.

Whether you sell on Amazon, Ebay, the iPhone App Store, through Facebook Ads, Google Ads, a YouTube Channel, retail distribution, or even local farmers markers; the marketing source is just a delivery method for the product or service you sell.

People, the market, and the world need people like us to solve their problems for them; and they are already spending money every day to pay entrepreneurs such as ourselves to deliver those solutions.

So regardless of where you live in the world, the ability to create a product or service that solves problems is what this program does, and the goal is to get you to be one of those entrepreneurs who is actively selling the solutions to those problems.

October 20th 2017 Deadline | $100 Discount + Bonuses

Just a reminder, people are already signing up for the training, and there is a deadline of October 20th to get $100 off of the $249 price, plus the additional bonuses listed below.
  1. $100 discount off this training ($149 instead of $249)
  2. 10% off of Limitless Academy Training Programs and Services for 12 Months (Inner transformation work, practical skills training in various areas of business, and release stress, anxiety, and boost motivation & confidence)
  3. Video Course: The Cure for Motivation
  4. Video Course: Unconscious Influence & Persuasion (Effective Communication)
  5. The Guarantee: I will continue working with you until you are confident with the business idea you chose (the product or service you'll be selling to the market). You have to take action though and commit to this.
  6. A 4th Mentorship Call, offered by one of the students of the Limitless Academy Startup Incubator Program, who just went through the process on selecting his product to sell - getting sales within the first 30 days, and is already getting a ton of great customer feedback saying how his business really helped their lives. He can give you a second perspective from someone who has been in your shoes before. He's also a member of this forum with a kick-a$$ progress thread...
What Happens When You Sign Up:
  1. You will be redirected to a page where you can schedule your first 60-minute Skype (or phone/whatsapp) call with me.
  2. I will email you a pre-session workbook from with further instructions of a pre-session exercise within 24 hours of enrollment.
  3. On our first call together, I'll get you the next materials to get you settled in with your business idea
Many past clients actually have their product/service narrowed down after the first call together (results vary).

Colorado sunset from last night :)
October 20th 2017 Deadline | $100 Discount + Bonuses

Andy Daniels

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May 29, 2017
I recently had a Skype session call with Andrew, and I can honestly say that he knows what he's doing! He's trained to listen to problems, dissect them, and find the root of the problem. I was struggling with mindset and attitude, and he presented things in a totally fresh perspective. I'm grateful I got to meet him and continue to keep in touch with him! Good work @AndrewNC
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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
First Business Idea Settled on in 40 Minutes
Just got off my first call from someone who signed up for the program through this specific marketplace ad.

In the first 40-50 minutes of the phone call, we got him narrowed down on one specific business that is aligned with his values, that is already providing revenue for other business owners, and solves a real need in the market.

The first step of the process was giving him clarity in his decision, and knowing what business model he is working on (an idea that just resonated with him today). After that, we worked through his fear of failure (worst-case scenario if he commits to this and it doesn't succeed). This was done through an emotional release technique so he doesn't have that emotional blockage inside that stopped him from moving forward with it.

This way, even if the business 'fails', he gained the experience (sales, marketing, product deliver) that will last with him a lifetime and this experience makes anything worth it. Logically, anyone can read this - but it's through the emotional release of the blockage where it finally clicks in place with your actual behavior, so you start moving forward with your business. That's done through the service.

During that, I got him to the point where he not only logically understands how bad it is to jump from idea to idea, but to do so in a way that actually anchors him to this one idea, where it is shown in his behavior. Another internal transformation, which can't be read about in a book - only through the service.

Register by Oct. 20th and save $100 + other bonuses.

After that, we used some more internal change work techniques to release self-doubt and the thought of 'not knowing how to do it'.

Ended the call to the point where he knows exactly what business he is starting, he has the resource to master the skills he needs to perform his mission/purpose in the marketplace, has the clarity in direction, knowing what steps to take next, and has an idea of how to begin getting clients. Then, made sure his business aligned with his values. This is the point where you want to be if you're still searching for a business idea. With him, it took 40-50 minutes.

After the call, I connected him with two past clients of mine who could use his help - they would get his services for free and he would use their case studies as testimonials/portfolio to attract future paying clients when he has future results. Everybody wins.

Reflecting back on my evolution of this program/services:

I have experience getting clients results, so that's been fine for a while now.

But in terms of turning this into a narrow and specific offer, like this thread: My friend Scott told me to include 3 hours of sessions in this offer, but I'm finding in most cases it only takes one and the video course/book isn't even needed to get to the point of settling on the idea - so we decided to use the 2 future sessions to help him through other areas that I'm experienced with.

The second call will be doing a rapid identity level shift (MJ talks about this importance of this in one of his threads), so that will take about 30-40 minutes, and then perhaps I can go more into the sales and marketing strategy on the third call.

Perhaps in the future, I'll remove the 3-call offer and just keep it at the milestone of finding the business idea...and then have sales/marketing be an additional program/service that I can offer separately...

But for's all included

Register by Friday Oct 20th, and Save $100 + Bonuses

Click Here to Register Now

YouTube Video of the day - Non-verbal Communication



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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
Additionally, a number of people who signed up for this service/program contacted me first before signing up.

If there's any questions/concerns or anything you'd like to speak to me privately about, feel free to reach out to me via PM or another method to ask away!

Skype: andrewalexander1114
Fastlane Forum: Reply to this thread/PM Me


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Jan 20, 2017
Is this more of just a help with making a business selection or do you actively help search or just give tips. Im unsure
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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
Is this more of just a help with making a business selection or do you actively help search or just give tips. Im unsure

Thanks for reaching out.

What I like to focus on is the end goal: To know exactly what business you're starting, what product or service you're developing, what problem you are solving; and providing the clarity and confidence that will allow you to stick through with this idea, confident that it will succeed. As a well as knowing the exact next-steps to take to propel you in the direction of marketing, making sales, and growing the business.

That's the thing that matters at the end of it all.

As far as the methods I've used to help clients get there, it varies based on the person I'm working with and when we speak together on the first call, I decide which direction to go with things (internal change work to release mental blocks, reprogramming your reticular activating system to spot opportunities, or more practical things such as where to surround yourself with prospective clients to identify pain points, keyword research based on the traffic source, competition research to see how to stand out, etc).

As far as 'actively help search', it depends on what you mean behind that. From my end, if part of the research includes looking up data from Google Keyword Planner, I won't spend hours digging in myself, but I would point you in the right direction with that to gauge demand, or if I'm part of a facebook group in the industry you're looking to enter, I can add you there or make introductions to other business owners who work in that industry to get some feedback. The active hands-on work comes on your part (just like anything in business).

Outside of the call, I'll provide videos/emails that will help you with any of the other subtleties of it (such as finding your USP, etc.)

In the end the end goal is being in the position where you're confident with the product or service you're bringing to market, and moving forward to build it into a business.

Hope that answers all of your questions, if not - feel free to reach out with anything else.



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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
Time Availability for International (Outside the US) Entrepreneurs

I noticed a lot of Fastlaners from India and Australia sign up for this program.

The payment link redirects to my calendly scheduling software, where I posted my availability based on my Denver, Colorado time zone.

If the times listed there do not work for you, I do have other open hours where I can make myself available (earlier or later), so reach out to me personally if that is the case for you.

Contact Information:
Fastlane Forum: Reply to this thread/PM Me

Want to Save $100 on this training program?
Also, this Friday, October 20th is the final deadline (11:49 p.m.) to take advantage of the special offer, of $100 discount on these services + additional bonus products.

Phineas J.

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Sep 30, 2017
South Elgin, Il
I had my first call with @AndrewNC the other day. Not only did he help me feel more confident in my business idea, but he already helped me start networking so I can build a portfolio in order to get my service running. He gave some really great practical advice as well, and I'm looking forward working with him further. I really appreciate it Andrew, thank you!
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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
Friday Oct. 20th, 2017
Today Is The Final Day for $100 Off + Special Bonuses

Click Here to Register for $100 Off Right Now

So far I've completed three of the first-calls with Fastlaners (With more scheduled this upcoming week):

  1. Narrowed down to a very specific service he will be offering, with the confidence to stick with it and not jump to new ideas (time involved - 40 minutes).
  2. Chose the industry he is in, as well as the problem he is solving for the market. He is in the process of setting up social media pages and his website before launching his first marketing campaign (after our first 60-minute call.
  3. Just got off the call with someone who understands the process he needs to go through in order to research his product (quantifying the demand, the math, etc.) and made the shift away from feeling as if he has to learn everything first before taking action. The solution here is to do the product research first (instead of reading more books, courses, etc.) in his free time, before scheduling our second call next week to narrow down even further.
Added bonus if you sign up today: If you commit to doing the work, taking the actions, etc. - anyone who signs up by the end of the day today - I will stick with you all the way until you reach the point of already knowing exactly what product or service to sell (beyond just the three calls promised here).

Click the link in this post to register today.


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Nov 14, 2011
Boulder, Colorado
This is a follow-up email I just typed to one of the Fastlaners in the program.
Based on my real-life experience last night finding 5+ business ideas.
Hey _______,

In this email, I will summarize, how I found at least 5 different business ideas last night, while I was at a non-profit event. I feel the best way to help you develop this skill of finding business ideas is not to teach you, but to deconstruct how I actually did it myself.

My goal for this email is to provide some new insights into the way I do things, and the ironic part is that I began finding this ideas, the moment I stopped looking for a business idea.

Lesson #1 - There's no such thing as business ideas.

As you know, I just launched the marketing campaign for the "Find a Business Idea" training program on - which you are now a part of. I really didn't even want to use the term "Business Idea" at all, but from a marketing and sales perspective I had to.

It's a way to communicate my services to you in a way that resonates with what you're looking for. Another title for the training program I was thinking of using is "Finding a product or service to sell to the market."

But that is just another sales line to help connect with what you're looking for.

If you were to search on google, you would search for "How to find a business idea." not "How do I create a solution to problems in the market to help solve problems in people's lives through a business."

In my line of work, there is what you want/are looking for and what you need.
Holding true to my promise to you, I will stick with you all the way through to the end until you know what product or service you will be selling for your business. But the methodology of getting there requires a slight change in persepctive.

What is finding a business idea really?

As you already know, it's about providing a solution to the problems people have in their lives. When I suffered from a bad mindset and doubt, lack of confidence, etc. I was facing pain, so I went searching for a solution. That is where I discovered an NLP Practitioner training program. Now, after I solved this problem in my life, I created my own NLP Practitioner Training Program to help others solve this problem in their life.

Finding business ideas last night:

Last night, I was invited to a private round-table event in the non-profit sector. I think I was the only for-profit business represented there. It was a small, private event where the heads of various Animal Rights organizations met for their mastermind and planning.

Whereas entrepreneurs like us mastermind with other business owners to help sell our products to consumers, they mastermind their own version of what we do:

They begin with their end goal, which is to promote veganism/animal rights to the state of colorado. That is the "product" they are "selling".

1. Marketing - how to reach the type of people who are open to listening to their message.
2. Sales - Influencing and persuading their audience to take a specific call-to-action (CTA)

The organizer of the round-table group met me in the past, and invited me to join their strategy session, representing my business experience, to see what lessons I learned as an entrepreneur (since 2011), which could help their movement.

I didn't go into this meeting with an plans, agendas, or notions. I just showed up and was ready to talk about anything I had experience with.

During the meeting, we broke off into one-on-one sessions where we spent 20 minutes a piece talking to one of the other leaders in the community.

Strategy Session #1 - Alexis, Education & Outreach Coordinator at an Animal Sanctuary
The first thing Alexis said to me is that she has no business experience, and wasn't sure if she could help me. But she has the industry knowledge of the plant-based eating and vegan communities. She says there are a lot of vegan chefs and people trying to start plant-based food companies in colorado, and I could always help them start their businesses with the experience I have.

This is more along the lines of a marketing angle, instead of a business idea. As you already know, Limitless Academy helps start businesses from the ground up (business ideas, sales, marketing, website, personal development for serious business owners, etc.). So by niching down to help plant-based companies is a way I can be super-targeted with my marketing to take them on as students of my program.

Then, it was her turn to talk about her organization and the struggles she is going through.

Then, it was her turn to talk about her organization and the struggles she is going through.

Then, it was her turn to talk about her organization and the struggles she is going through.

Then, was her turn to talk about her organization and the struggles she is going through.

Then, it was her turn to talk about her organization and the struggles she is going through.

Why did I copy and paste the same thing 5 times?

Because that's the lesson you're meant to learn here.

Her organization's role in the Animal Rights movement is to get people to visit the animal sanctuary, bond with injured animals who are suffering, and then this bond created between the animals and humans (pigs, the cows, the chickens, the dogs, the cats). This creates a sense of compassion in the hearts of the people that visit there. That sense of compassion is the mission/purpose of their non-profit.

This compassion is the call-to-action (CTA) in business terms.

That is the end goal of her organization.

She began saying that she is struggling to find people who are interested in going there. They host cooking classes, events, tours, etc. but she has a really hard time figuring out ways to bring people there.

Did you find the business idea in that last paragraph?
There is a really high-priced course by someone who teaches business idea extraction. In quick summary, people enrolled in this course would call up dentist offices and say "Hi, I am an entrepreneur, I am looking to find the pain points in your lives. What pain points can you talk about, so I can turn it into a business idea?"

He's on the right track with what he teaches, but it's the subtle nuances that make the difference between finding the right idea or not. The subtle nuances about how you approach this is what is missing there.

In his instance, your'e connecting with the logical ming (the thinking mind), where questions are asked in a forceful, formal way - and they try to logically think of solutions. This brings up other thoughts and confusion, so you don't really get a great answer. When people are 'trying' to think, it blurs the answers you are looking for.

The solution, it has to come from a natural state of flow.

In my instance with Alexis, she was just free-flowing. In writing, we call this flow state. In sports, they call it being in the zone.

This flow state of her speaking without any logical filters is just information flowing naturally from her subconscious, with nothing blocking it from coming out. And this is the part of the mind which is responsible for true human behavior.

From this flow state of her talking, she began listing true problems she is facing in her organization's life.

The Problem: She is struggling to get people to visit the animal sanctuary.
And this is where the solution comes in.

How do we get more people to visit her animal sanctuary? I began taking information from my marketing background and experience, and taught her about marketing angles. For instance, she can find people who are interested in healthy eating, and invite them to the cooking class. That is one very narrow way, to bring the health crowd in there, and lead them in through something that interests them. Another marketing angle would be to find the spiritual crowd of Boulder, and lead them into the Animal Sanctuary through a campaign that can teach some type of spiritual connection with the animals there (or something like that).

So what would the business idea here be?
  • Write her a book teaching her sales and marketing for non-profits?
  • Create a video course on sales and marketing?
  • Offer my services as a marketing consultant to train her?
  • Offer my services to do the marketing work for her?
At the end of the night (After talking to many other organization leaders), she rushed to give me her business card and was very interested in the help I could provide her. She already recognized my experience from our conversation together, and she was interested. This was a sign that I was onto something that could benefit her...

It's through this in-person, personal connection where I could sense the emotions of her desire for whatever solutions I can provide. But what solution is she open and responsible to?

She told me to email her the things I know, and I gave her a warning that I'm an author and I write long-a$$ things. Her response was "Write me a book....I will read it all."

So guess what?

After my 3 client calls today, I'm going to plug in the binaural beats to focus and concentrate on my writing, open up an email to her, and flow-state all my information about marketing to Alexis, teaching her how to improve the marketing outreach for her non-profit organization.

And after I send it off to her, I'll edit out her name and the name of her specific organization, and this could be a book I publish that helps non-profits with their marketing.

At the end of the book, I can put my email address and offer my services as a marketing consultant for non-profits.

A business idea was formed.
Strategy Session #2 - I forget his name, Vegan Justice League president at a local University.

The first thing he talked about was how him, and the other seniors in the group were graduating and they need to train the freshmen in the group to become new leaders. But the problem he faced was this: The Freshmen lacked the confidence to really step up to the plate and feel qualified to lead.

Do you see the business idea?

Honestly, at face value, I don't. I see the problem that he needs to solve.

As you already know, I'm experienced in inner-transformations. In a 40-minute session, I could rapidly boost confidence in someone, and then provide them the tools and training to continue that journey on their own. After 12 weeks, the full transformation will have already happened. Through the Limitless Transformation, I could sit down one-on-one with any members of the group, and do the work with them.

I told him a little about how it was done, and he asked if I could go to one of their chapter meetings an do a group workshop.

When I work with clients for my business doing this type of inner-transformation work, the cost is $2,000 for the package. That's because I work with a lot of first-time entrepreneurs, and existing business owners. In our realm of world (When our business is up and running), $2,000 is not a lot of money.

For a freshman college student who is anti-capitalism (vegan free spirit type), they don't have $2,000 to spend.

Whereas the non-profits get funding from corporate and individual donors, and could afford my marketing consulting, this group can't.

Is it a good business idea?

I honestly don't know. I'm going to go to the group, I'm going to help them. And perhaps (from a business standpoint), when I make the rapid transformation, the people from the group could write kick-a$$ testimonials for my Limitless Transformation services. Perhaps I could have them refer family members (parents, etc.) to me for my services for my local NLP business. Perhaps they have connections to the administration at the school, where I could offer stress-management services to stressed-out college students, funded by the university.

I don't know.

But when I go into their meeting, I will help them out for free, create the transformation using my NLP skills (if this is a type of business you want to start - let me know and we can talk about this on our next call), and then be open to what comes my way from there.

With this, I'm just focusing on learning more about solving problems, and gauging feedback from the people I help. Before offering my paid services for other areas, I've spent a lot of time working for 'free' to hone my skills and do market research. It's not always about the quick sales.

Strategy Session #3 - Sara, Direct Action Everywhere
You know those stereotypical "Angry Vegans"?

Sara is one of them. In her heart, she is compassionate, and wants to save animals lives. When people don't listen to her message, she feels pain for the animals, and gets angry. This is the same group that holds protests and storms the stage at presidential campaigns holding animal rights banners.

Long story short, I can train Animal Rights activists in rapport-building skills and sales.

With this knowledge, they can more effectively get through to the people they want ot influence, without the struggle they face there. I could sense the pain and struggle in her face as she spoke about it.

They don't have that much to spend, so perhaps individually, I could write a book on the topic. Or I could work with the higher-ups in the organization for my consulting on the topic.

But the thing many people here are missing are rapport-building and influence skills.

Every problem needs a solution.

Lessons from my experience last night:
By getting out into the world, and letting people speak out of flow state (not trying to forcefully extract their problems), the problems they faced naturally came to me.

From there, we moved into the phase of working out possible solutions to their problems.

Also, by tapping into a very narrowly targeted community (Animal Rights non-profits), and surrounding yourself with this community, you get to really immerse yourself in the culture and get to know them best. This can be done online, whether it's through a parenthood forum, thefastlaneforum, bodybuilding forums, etc.

Community. Remember that word. Work yourself into communities of the market you are in.

Can you see from the stories I told how my services and products can solve the problems in their lives, as well as the lives of the millions of other activists, and tens of thousands of other non-profit organizations in the U.S. alone?

When we get these solutions to problems, this is what entrepreneurship is really about.

So, in summary, stop looking for the business idea...and learn whatever you took away from my experience above.

I find the one-on-one personal conversations work best because you can recognize the subtle nuances about their problems through their body language. Most entrepreneurs spend most of their time online, which works great for sales and marketing aspects, but from a true product-centered business standpoint....get to know the people in your market and listen to problems.

-Andrew Alexander,
Founder of Limitless Academy


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Oct 21, 2017
We had our first call recently, though we weren't able to find the business idea (read: A problem I can solve for the market) during the first call, the insights he provided is helping me think in a single direction rather than going all over the place which I was doing before our talk. Within a few e-mail exchanges at the start, I could see he knows what he is doing. Looking forward to what we will find!
Thanks for the help! @AndrewNC
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Dec 8, 2016
Had my first call with Andrew last week. We did a few NLP exercises that helped me gain some clarity as to where my next business venture will be. We spoke a bit longer than the 1 hour skype call that was scheduled, which I appreciated.
I recommend this program for any entrepreneur lacking direction or clarity. Give it a shot! Thanks Andrew.

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