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business idea

  1. A

    Skip queues for rental apartments

    Hey all, just read the Millionaire Fastlane and I'm in the process of figuring out a need to solve. In Sweden, where I'm located, interest rates are way up and it is expensive to buy your own place. Add to this the fact that prices for apartments have skyrocketed during the last years, and...
  2. LukasOO

    If you were dropped off in another state/country, similar to your own, what would be your moves to achieve financial success?

    More of a discussion thread, I'd like to hear what would be your approach. I personally would start off buying some power cleaners, and exterior cleaning tools, and start a cold-approach based business in different neighborhoods. I'd then try out new hires and scale it from there.
  3. Tim Fischer

    Scalable Fastlane System to develop as a Videographer?

    Hi, im about to finish school this year and i want to start as a freelance filmmaker immediately afterwards. I have already collected a few payments here and there. As i can’t really imagine being able to create a fastlane system out of freelancing, i wanted to ask what would be great options to...
  4. Ritsu

    What if my product is the CHEAPEST in the market, would that work?

    I already planned out everything from the product itself to why it would sell. Now what I'm worry about is the price that I'm going for. Let's say other product in the market are like 50-100 USD and then I step in with a BANG 3 USD (because it's digital product just like others) Would it work? I...
  5. Miha99


    I decided to give away an Idea and ispire somebody to actually make it a reality I have no time and to focus on it becouse I already have a Business that i want to Scale, ans as MJ said Monogamy is KING Backstory how I came up with the IDEA: 2021 I spent 6 months living Belgrade. Since my...
  6. E

    Target Market Advice - Film Career Coaching

    Hello Fastlaners, Thanks for all your insight and thoughts, I absolutely love this forum! I was wondering if it would possible to get some outside perspective on a business idea I'm working on? In particular in relation to defining a target market. Any advice, ideas, or feedback would be...
  7. W

    Mastermind groups platform idea

    Hi, recently in the shower - the place where the best ideas come, I got the idea of creating a platform for mastermind groups. The biggest issue with this type of group is finding the right people with a similar level of business acumen and moderating such a group. Many people offer to...
  8. milanr_97

    Request for feedback: (idea) a tool for making real connections quickly

    Disclaimer: apologies if this post is in the wrong place, I'm new to the forum (my previous post was my intro!) My business idea The problem When joining a new organisation/environment, it can be difficult to find people that you feel you could really connect with which can adversely affect...
  9. F

    What business? Advice required!

    Dear fellow entrepreneurs, Young lad over here who requires advice. I read Fastlane about a month ago. I also became highly interested in entrepreneurship last month as I'm a huge fan of self-improvement (forming habits such as a proper diet, exercise, meditation, journaling, reading, etc.) My...
  10. E

    Wannabe Freelancer With an Idea.

    I really want to make some money, I truly really do. The idea of working a 9-5 for the rest of my life has filled me with genuine dread since I was old enough to understand how much I valued free time (like 11 maybe). About two months ago I quit my job working at corporate a$$ whole foods, and...
  11. N

    Selling websites but too saturated

    Hi, I want to create my own platform where I sell websites (website designs with frontend and backend files ready) to mainly other businesses. I have provided a list of pros and cons. Pros: - I will provide files which means I give them the control contrasting to Wix and Wordpress - I'm...
  12. Selfmadeujjwal

    I'm 18 Y/O and have a business ideas but don't have capital to start

    Hey I'm 18 years old now and I'm from a tier 3 country India and I've a lot of interest in internet marketing and e-commerce. I've tried organic affiliate marketing via Facebook but it didn't worked out for me. Then I started learning about funnels and sales letters by Russell brunson and it...
  13. yashdutt

    What Fastlane Business/Brand should I build?

    Hey. I'm 18 years old and I read in TMF that the execution matters more than the idea, but I need a base to start the execution. Can you all please present some of the options which you think are good?
  14. Peullat

    Persevere or Pivot

    Hello, I have a question which is when to persevere and when to pivot ? When should I stuck with my idea and don't give up ? and when to search for a new one and admit that I am wrong ? Right now I have a business idea and I have been working on it for about 1 year with no results. Last...
  15. lordchriscole

    Whats you guys opinion on this idea?

    A sizing platform that combines a database of garment ,fit information and consumer preferences to help users find there sizes in there favorite brands. we will make money by charging retail brands a affiliate fee when our users purchase because of our platform. This will be a % of the sale or...
  16. jakobgreenfeld

    Shopify Apps are great businesses; here's how you can find profitable opportunities

    Last week I got the chance to pick Daniel Sim's brain on the opportunities he's seeing related to Shopify apps. And what he shared is pure gold. Even if you don't care about Shopify apps you should keep reading because most of the frameworks and strategies he shared are directly applicable to...
  17. J

    Business idea in the disguise of a job?

    If anyone saw my introduction post, I have had a few online businesses in the past, the most profitable was a vape store just before in introduction of the TPD which was an enjoyable experience. My most recent business idea is a football coaching business, I have coaching qualification and...
  18. Jemmalee

    Expanding and separating my business??

    Hey everyone Thanks for all your help recently. I wish to put an idea out there as I working out if there anything I can do to expand or separate my current business or just let it run its course completely. I own a local events company. We provide audio and lighting solutions and also our...
  19. A

    online food ordering system, opinion appreciated

    Hey guys! I am from germany and over the last few months I learned how to build websites throughout a udemy curse. You all know for example UberEats. Here in germany the top player is lieferando, which bought all competitors and now increased fees for generating a lead to 14%. In my home...
  20. A

    SaaS - need opinion on idea

    Hey ! I am 20 years old and come from Germany, studying Business Administration & IT. First of all, in Germany "lieferando" bought all competitors like "foodora", "lieferheld", ... They take high fees for every order which is made from their app/website. I am thinking about building website´s...