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WEB/DIGITAL Expiring Domains


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Jul 27, 2007
North Carolina
Ok guys, I recently found a domain that I really like that is projected to expire rather soon. I think the domain would be a great investment but I am concerned about the legality of the purchase.

Here is an example to allow you guys to further understand the situation.

I live in Fastlane City and the top paper in the city is Fastlane-Journal. The name of the company that produces the paper is Fastlane-Journal. The potential expiring domain I want to purchase is Fastlane-Journal owns the site (The domain in question is currently redirecting traffic to this site as we speak)

Could I legally own this domain? What potential problems could I face? Just wondering how this would all work.

IF..big IF, everything was in the clear with regards to above. As far as doing other due diligence before I pull the trigger with the purchase, are they a way to see how many direct “type-ins†does the domain receive?

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Oct 31, 2007
Edmonton, Canada
If the only reason you want the name is to capitalize on someone else's brand, then you'd better take a pass.

On the other hand if your company makes a journaling software application and is located in "Fastlane" city, then you have a viable reason to target the domain ''. But if it went to court and you couldn't prove your business existed before you went after the domain, you'd likely lose.

As far as doing other due diligence before I pull the trigger with the purchase, are they a way to see how many direct “type-ins” does the domain receive?
Not unless you can get them to put a tracking code script on the redirect page...LOL.

There are so many domaining opportunities...why go after shady stuff like this? isn't fastlane thinking in my opinion.

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