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Oct 5, 2016
Oct 31, 2007
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May 1
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Edmonton, Canada
Internet Entrepreneur

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210 kph, from Edmonton, Canada

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Jonleehacker was last seen:
Oct 5, 2016
    1. wildambitions
      Hey I mentioned you (and a bit of advise you shared with me a LONG time ago) in a video I made. Wondering if I can link to something of your someplace online to give you some link love? It is a bit about picking one thing, focusing on it and mastering it before moving on to something else. My post is scheduled to publish mid December at which point I can come back and share it with you if you are interested.
      1. Jonleehacker
        Hi Carrie, sounds great. I have a new project that could use some link love: http://untiltheysmile.com/ look forward to seeing the video. Take care.
        Dec 9, 2015
    2. Gin
      Hi Jon,

      I see from a while back you got into kindle publishing. I checked out your author page and it looks like you've only got one book up now - is this right?

      Just wondering whether you stuck to publishing and if so, how did you find your results?

      Many thanks,
    3. DKNJ
      Hey are you a stock trader? You offer a program for stock trading?
    4. kurtyordy
      thanks for the rep and for all the help you have been.
    5. HappieMoonie
      Hi Jon! Thank you for connecting and can;t wait to learn more about you! Have a rockin' Tuesday!
    6. Gymjunkie
      Thanx for reps ;) Glad you liked the video..
      Best of luck
    7. LazyAmericano
      Thanks for pointing me to that thread... I knew I saw that info somewhere!
    8. stabasit
    9. yveskleinsky
      Hi Jon! Thanks for asking; I am loving everything about SEO. :) There is so much out there to learn, as you know, the only constant in this field is change. Hope you are getting in as much golf as possible these days. ...If you are looking for a beautiful, and somewhat near by golf course, we have an absolutely beautiful one here in Cloudcroft, New Mexico it's at 9000 feet and the views are beautiful. :)
    10. AroundTheWorld
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    May 1
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    Edmonton, Canada
    Internet Entrepreneur
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