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Dashcam installation business / service idea

Idea threads


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Aug 3, 2019
My idea is this—
Put flyers/business cards on peoples cars in parking lots offering dash cam installation & setup. I would go the client's house or car while they work and install a dash cam for them. Different levels & prices available, I'm only charging for the installation & whatever the dashcam costs. Discounts for doing several cars.

Some more details—
The hook (initial offer):
The business card or ad should be thought provoking. Something maybe about vandalism or hit & run could happen & they would never know who did it, but if they had a dashcam they could record it. Or preventing fraud, good to have for just general protection. Something along these lines
The installation: Wires tucked away neatly & either hardwired directly spliced into a non-important fuse or plugged into the OBD port. Camera stays on 24/7 until bat voltage is less than 12v, so they're never with a dead battery. always on when car is running.
Time: Travel + Install (No longer than 2 hours, less if it's one channel)
Profits: Could become a dealer, start getting the dashcams for cheaper. Install costs, & hard wiring, flat fee or hourly rate. not sure yet.
Make at least $100 profit on each car done. Not sure on this number, might have to be less.

Lots of dashcams on the market, lots of drivers, no risk of either going away
Entry: Searching online & looking for anything offering such a service near me, I haven't been able to find anything. The reason is most people probably just install themselves. Might be a problem but I don't think so
Need: I believe everyone should have a dashcam, even a cheap one, just to cover their a$$. There is literally nothing better than having recorded video of someone being at fault in an accident. This removes all "he said, she said" hoopla.
Time: ..Not sure what to put, see scale I guess?
Scale: Could build it up to have a few other people working for me.

So this is just my idea / rant about what a dashcam business might be like. If car tint companies or stero installation companies can work, dashcam should be able to as well? Without even needing to have a brick & mortar location or workshop

What are your thoughts on this idea?

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Jun 11, 2019
Horseheads, NY
Best Buy installs a dash cam for $59. I would imagine any car stereo installation business also does this, but I haven't checked.

Hate getting a flyer on my car and won't do business from it.

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