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  1. EngineerThis

    Answer Poll, Win Prize!

    New Fastlaner, Engineer This needs your help! I offer a service exclusive to Fastlaners... I bring your product from napkin sketch to reality! Answer my poll and 5 users at random will receive a 1 hour consultation with me! I will brainstorm ideas and improve on your product idea, along with...
  2. Royce2

    Free Copywriting for “Fast Laners”

    Hey guys! I’m offering free copy to whoever can benefit from it so that I can gain more real time experience, do business with fast lane thinkers, and most importantly to earn more money in the future. 3 simple reasons why you should give me a shot: 1. It’s free 2. I wrote ad copy for a...
  3. N

    Lack of quality for service 2022

    Hi Guys, First time poster, long time lurker. A brief introduction is I'm a business owner in the heavy equipment industry. We do heavy equipment (yellow iron) rentals and used sales, as well as some other odd things like RV storage, property rentals. Family owned and run business our whole...
  4. aechyde

    Aechyde's execution thread (Service-based, Arbitrage)

    Starting a thread for a biz idea that I have. It is an arbitrage opportunity of East Market to the Western Market, leveraging my Western upbringing and Eastern background (able to speak the native tongue) to resonate with my target market. I should also mention it is a service-based business...
  5. Nicoknowsbest

    Building a Video Ad Service

    I moved away from my initial progress thread here, because the title is not relevant anymore and I wanted a clean cut. Status Quo: I think I just stopped a huge downward spiral, mentally as well as in reality. If you are interested in how it came to that, here's the story that went down last...
  6. JohnnyClub

    Arrested, walked into jails then walking out of it! I am Hyun johnny Goo! I am being a King!

    Before start this story, I am screaming aloud!!! Since my age now as 28, until 33, I am going to make the real business on the market, putting attitude making myself the most beautiful, sexiest millionaire, the king!!! I’m(Means will be) buying a good house for my mom, dad and my sister. I’m...
  7. ZZZ

    Dashcam installation business / service idea

    My idea is this— Put flyers/business cards on peoples cars in parking lots offering dash cam installation & setup. I would go the client's house or car while they work and install a dash cam for them. Different levels & prices available, I'm only charging for the installation & whatever the...
  8. Rabby

    Intro and transmuting lead to gold... figuratively ;)

    Howdy folks, This is my first time in the forum, so I figured I should post an intro. I really like "process" so I learned to turn around businesses that aren't doing well. I think of it like alchemy, transmuting something of lesser value to something of greater value. I'm working on getting...
  9. S

    Update on my fastlane progress (the next step, execution)

    Hello, Many of you will know me by now. If not, here's a quick run down. I'm 20-years-old, still live with my parents (thinking about moving out), and I am working on my YouTube Channel and a website service I created for competitive FIFA players (one that fills a need in the market). My...
  10. T

    17 Y/O Built my first SAAS, this is my journey.

    Hi FastLaneForum, I am Kevin, currently in college studying computing, and I just finished developing my first SAAS. I'm here to share with you guys the lessons I've learnt, and hopefully document my SAAS journey. Problem: A few months ago while managing my growing Instagram account, posting 3...