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  1. Reynante Alvarez

    Help in choosing a business idea...

    Hey business people, I need your help if you may. Since I quitted social media and college two years ago, I had been working at my sister's bakery as an all-around graphic designer. It was a need and not a choice. My basics are covered here (shelter, food, wi-fi, electricity, etc.) in exchange...
  2. theautismgenius

    Porn Blocker potential idea ?

    Hi ! I recently watched a company called WonderShare from what I see it's a company that builds software and I scrolled toward some porn blocker on internet and famiSafe which is a porn blocker from their company seems to be a great bet for parents who need to control children from internet...
  3. Asap_Luca

    Private post office

    Hello there! How are you all? So, i have had an idea that i really would like to bring here. In Italy people ALWAYS hate go to the post office, surely go to the post office isn't spectacular for anybody, but here there always are people that have to waste their day of work, or at least half of...
  4. Stan_

    Do most brochures suck? And would I be able to fix it?

    I've struggled to find a business idea for over 2 months now and I've ended up jokingly searching "Brochure design" through Keyword Planner (recommended by Demarco in his book, thank you) thinking "I'll just make some little brochures to make a living". In my surprise I found out that MANY...
  5. L

    Having to many ideas

    Hey, A fictional scenario: You have found 3 ideas to meet all the aspects of CENTS. What other criteria would you choose to make a decision for one idea (and thus against the 2 others)? (To implement all of them is not possible in this scenario) My Problem is that i have many ideas and i cant...
  6. J

    Let's come up with some ideas! Entrepreneur Startup Discussion

    Hopefully this will help other aspiring entrepreneurs as much as it will myself. This should be a good brainstorming session and hopefully we can work off each other. Let's extract some ideas As we all know one of the hardest things when it comes to becoming successful is coming up with an idea...
  7. theautismgenius

    Is MJ DeMarco making money with this forum?

    Hi ! So I'm on my way to build my fastlane business and semester soon finishing so I'm going to bust my a$$ on my website this summer. I would be curious to ask a question to MJ DeMarco or author of TMF or any other members here does he make any money with his forum because I see he's using...
  8. NeoDialectic

    Idea Generation To Execution: Fastlane Millionaire's Step By Step Guide

    After posting my general advice post here , I realized that one of the most burning questions that people struggle with is "how do I come up with an idea that isn't already done?" and "how do I test whether I can successfully sell this product without a huge investment?". This is the first time...
  9. Bing

    Ideas are a dime-a-dozen, but I can't find the right one...

    I read TMF when it first came out, and started my SaaS company (with a 50/50 partner) in 2014. We just crossed $100k/month in revenue (projecting $1.5m this year) with 76% profit margins. Needless to say, TMF was a huge success for me. During that time I've become known as the best software...
  10. Drwakiza

    Starting a Cleaning Company

    Hello guys, I am creating this thread for several reason, the main one is to keep myself accountable but also so that people can learn from my journey, mistakes and successes, and eventually getting advices from more advanced entrepreneurs. (I will try my best to have a correct english and...
  11. A

    Is my brand name so vital?

    I have been ruminating on the best name to give my brand for the past days and I think I'm overdoing it. I already have the entire idea and process of what I'll be delivering to the market. But all the cool names I could think of were already taken on the internet. Do you think brand name is...
  12. Gleb Feder

    Need your feedback - product for entrepreneurs

    Hi! My name is Gleb and I want to do a product for entrepreneurs to boost their productivity. I'm at the very beginning now, I have an idea and want you to give me feedback. Please don't be afraid to offend me, I need criticism. I will be grateful for any ideas and comments...
  13. Af20abn

    19 Year old with a potential tool to help the world

    Hello, hope you guys are having a great week, I was looking for any advice and I am open to any criticism for my business idea.I am trying to build a website consisting peer-to-peer rental platform, that allows consumers to borrow items instead of buying them, which will allow people to spend...
  14. Frost

    Easy Sharing Between Devices

    A few weeks ago, after finding it very frustrating to share simple links/media between my phone and my laptop using online notes or WhatsApp Web, I got the idea of creating an app/service that allows users to share content very easily between multiple devices. The idea is that you can share...
  15. Bbenn30

    Book Selling

    So I have an idea for a basic app that I want to get developed for my small business I use. I have looked at several options, no one makes an app that works well for me. I don't have the skills to create it as it seems to be rather complicated (I'm not against learning to code it) but, I would...
  16. CarrieMatchmaker

    Any ideas what to do with the ideas?

    What to do if I have many business ideas? I understand that I am not able to fulfil all of the ideas and such a shame to just put them in a long drawer. I am working on one thing already and thinking to start working on a second one but after reading so many business books and watching business...
  17. Bbenn30


    So I currently manage a hardware store, I have found there's a pretty regular problem that I think happens fairly often in retail settings. I have a pretty good idea on how to fix it. My question for the nice folks here is... how do I verify my idea? I would be willing to prototype my fix but is...
  18. Edgar King

    Finding A (Fastlane) Need Is This E A S Y

    So you've read the Millionaire Fastlane, Unscripted, Great Rat Race, even stalked MJ in his backyard to uncover the secret needs formula, but where... is.... that.... KRABBY PATTY FORMULA...I mean...NEED?! You've deep dived through hundreds of forum threads about finding problems and needs in...
  19. T

    Looking for grappling-enthusiast business partner

    Hey guys, I'm a BJJ blue belt and I've started to work on a side project for a men's wellness brand for grappling sports. Think mouthwashes, hand creams, deodorants, etc. I've put some money into building a site and product development and getting on socials, but I'd like to partner with someone...
  20. MikeThePilot13


    I have been trying to find Fastlane ideas for the last couple of weeks but with no luck. Any tips?

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