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  1. deliux

    Brilliant solutions, products, services and terrible, devastating pain points!

    Hey, I decided to take new approach(please correct me if this type of tread already exist!). We have multicultural community here with the people all across the world. I would like that all of us share experiences that stuck in our mind. Those type of experiences that you can easy recall even...
  2. jakobgreenfeld

    WEB/DIGITAL A billion-dollar opportunity: Shopify for SaaS

    I recently wondered: Shopify does all the heavy lifting and lets me open an e-commerce store in minutes. Gumroad does the same for digital products. What's the equivalent for SaaS products? To me that seems like an incredible opportunity. After I tweeted the question, Twitter did its magic and...
  3. Head

    How to Validate an idea of Upwork based service to reduce job search time and find better-fitted clients?

    Hey Fastlaners, I do some work on Upwork and struggle with finding jobs time to time. Also, I see that other people struggle with that too. So I am thinking of ways to reduce time wasted on job search. Also I am looking into how to segment clients on Upwork so you only interact with people...
  4. Alex1331

    How should I finance a business

    Hello guys, I`m 17 year old and have an inovative business idea, but in order to start my own company and create the product, I`m going to need more than 50K. For me that`s a lot of money. What should I do? How can I earn this amount of money to launch the product as soon as possible? Thank you...
  5. A

    Verifying a product idea

    I have a kind of a wallet (Think EDC market and similar) in preparation - I have basic concept, 3D model and now I need to figure out if there's a need for this specific variation in the market. How do I do this to not mess it up? A landing page and some FB paid ads - but if it does poorly...
  6. C


    Hi guys, I’ll try keep this short: So I’m MJ’s book ‘UnScripted’, he talks about listening out for issues or “I hate that...” etc Basically, I’ve had a lightbulb idea switch on while working away today and clocked onto such an idea from hearing / experiencing this moment. I know everything...
  7. Mihalsky

    EXECUTION Mihalsky's journey to liberty

    Hi All, Some days ago I introduced and described myself and now it's a moment to start execution log for my way to partial liberty. In first post, I will try to introduce you to the idea, my approach and background. I hope this thread to become a room for super interesting discussions but my...
  8. Lizjinx9

    INTRO Shifting focus from stock mkt investing to business

    I’ve wanted to own a business for as long as I can remember. In grade school I wrote a report on entrepreneurship by choice. When I was a kid I was a drummer so naturally my first idea was a music store. I later realized those all died when the online market took over. Since graduating high...
  9. arkania_x

    Brainstorming and ideas

    Good morning, not sure where to post this but I'll think it'll be fine here for now (if not, tell me please). Thinking about getting an Insider but for now, I'll stay in the "free zone". I best structure my thoughts while writing. And why not post it here for feedback (appreciated!) then. So...
  10. Abenh

    Two Business Idea I need your Feedback §!

    Hello Good Evening/Morning After brainstorming I come up with some idea of a businesses that can solve a problem in my country, and fulfill a need, I did research and i found that two idea can make it in the market So The First Idea is : Lunch a platform that make plumbers and other home...
  11. Y

    2 ideas that I'm looking for partners for

    Ideas are worthless. Execution is where it is. To be on this forum, we are already far from the 80% and there's another 10% that would see this post, the posts above and below and do nothing. A little background about myself, I am a junior Dev with C++. I hate to be identified as a Dev but I...
  12. Fr33zerPop

    WEB/DIGITAL Need help picking red pill or blue pill. Am I adding any value compared to the competition? (demo)

    Being an amateur musician and an animator, I wanted to get into the space of creating beat visualizers and lyric videos for musicians by creating my own designs. This ground is already being well covered by some slick automated sites. I'm looking for free ideas on finding my niche/value add...
  13. B

    Can someone please advice me on what to do?

    Good day. Ever since i read Unscripted, i've been struggling so hard to really find my path and plan my future. I spend hours everyday making use of different methods i learnt from Mj's book or his youtube videos, but i don't seem to be satisfied or confident in the results (God, i'm so...
  14. Salah Issa

    An idea but no idea how to execute it.

    I recently came up with an idea, that I really believe could benefit millions of people out there, but I just have no idea where to begin in this venture. Does anyone have any advice, on where I can get help, to better understand where I need to be? Thank you for your time, Salah Issa
  15. AlexAlecu

    Idea - Motivate entrepreneurs through browser start page

    Hello hello I’m having this idea for a while... of building a browser start page for entrepreneurs. Why? Because entrepreneurship, as we all know, is hard enough and we need all the help we can get. Being one myself I get energised to continue implementing / selling / going through tough...
  16. F

    FBA for a Financial "Getting Started" Basis

    I have a lot of amazing business ideas to build, but at the moment I'm pretty broke. I was thinking to start an FBA business to get some cash coming in for a financial basis and then move on to the bigger projects. Would you say that's achievable, even though FBA isn't necessarily a Fastlane?
  17. F

    Feedaback for an app Idea

    The most difficult thing is this entrepreneurial stage (in recent months) it has definitely been changing my habits, I was someone who wasted 60% of his time on fb, youtube, etc, and the other 40% in porn (ugh shit I said it), result, I invested some 15min a day really in entrepreneurship, (I...
  18. Mohammad Asal

    Developing my website

    Hello everyone, I'm Mohamad Asal, 16 yo lebanese. I'm really glad @MJ DeMarco decided to write his book Fast lane Millionaire! As it changed my mindset! Ever since i read it (5 mon. ago). I searched for "needs" like a cat chasing a mouse. Before reading the book, I was a programmer and a...
  19. R

    Questions about talking about Ideas.

    Question. Since I am dealing with Entrepreneurship the questions that I heared the most amount of conflicting answers was around if, when and to whom you should talk about your product ideas. On the one side it is better to get early feedback about your ideas from others, since it is really...
  20. deeptib

    Business Idea: A turn-key system that anyone can use to design, develop and release high quality websites?

    Hello! I've been a full stack web developer for many years. I have developed and released websites designed for clients of all sizes. Small businesses, and large 9k person operations. What I observed at all these locations is that the website products we released are highly inconsistent. They...
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