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  1. lifemaker

    What Do You Think?

    After getting a nice knuckle-sandwich for my poor execution, I sat down and did a Kinetic Execution Plan. (which I now understand I should have done 9 days ago...) The plan is posted bellow, if anyone would like to give it a read and maybe share view on the idea afterwards. Traditional Window...
  2. Jagan

    How did you come out of that F*ck YOU phase?

    Most of them in this forum been this phase once. "Don't know what to do or have no idea where to start.", I am not looking for advise, motivation or anything like that. What I want to know is: how did you make it out of that phase, what kind of things did you do, and what are the mistakes that I...
  3. PorscheDream

    Website offering rental housing review service

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member of the Fastlane forum. I'm just 23yo and recently graduated. After reading The Millionaire Fastlane, I'm continuously seeking the Fastlane opportunity to replace my 9-5 job. I'm currently living in a city with a high population density; therefore, houses in the...
  4. Marketinggirl03

    Feedback on virtuel wedding planner?

    Hey there, My name is Katy and I’m a marketing manager from the Netherlands working in corporate at the moment. I want to build something on my own in the future though. The idea is to build a virtuel assistant service platform for wedding planning. Weddings get bigger and bigger and it’s so...
  5. Tony Amorn

    Marketplace for creative industries

    I've read The Millionare Fastlane the second time this week and it has opened my mind to new possibilities. A little background about me, I'm Tony, 21 and living in Australia. I'm ambitious and had started a lot of small businesses from home like cooking Thai food and delivering it during covid...
  6. Michi49

    'Unsexy' Opportunity: Utilizing Waste Materials in Agriculture

    Hello again Fastlane Forum members, As mentioned in my introductory thread, I work in the field of agriculture and have the pleasure of collaborating daily with numerous agricultural companies. During a recent meeting with one of my clients, an intriguing discussion arose regarding a specific...
  7. yerushalaim

    Fitness plan

    For the past few days I’ve been thinking how I can really help people and provide a real value. Since I don’t have any IT skills or any other that are so valuable nowadays the only thing I really now something about is fitness. I got into shape and think that I could create some kind of product...
  8. Kewal

    Can I get into business directly or do I need to take 1-2 year corporate experience first to make it a success? (Read description for details)

    My background: I'm currently in the final year of my college and will graduate in May 2024. I pursue B-Tech in Information Technology and also specialize in Computer Vision and Generative AI. My family has a business of selling CCTV cameras, security systems and providing its installation and...
  9. C

    Money vs Values

    Hello everybody, How are you? Today I want to address a topic that I believe will be of great value to many. Considering the vastness of the internet, which is like an interesting highway of information, there are countless possibilities at our fingertips. I would like to discuss with you the...
  10. I

    Fired From My Sales Job. Find New One or Freelance and Experiment to Engage the Market?

    Hello Everyone, I hope you are awesome today. Asking kindly about your opinions/guidance here. I was recently fired from my freight brokerage job. Currently sitting in the office savouring the last week and a hlaf of time I have left here. Found out they wont keep me for the next month. I was...
  11. N

    FeedBack on a very uncooked idea

    Hello there. This is a very long, draining post. I had a problem one day where basically I was craving for food but I didn't want to eat anything from the fridge because I just "didnt" feel like eating what we had. At that time, I thought this is a huge opportunity (adrenaline boost). So, I...
  12. rishj

    15 yo Trying To Sell Digital Product!!

    Plan: I have a lot of e-books which have ways to make money. So, basically I'm planning to create a website to sell this as a digital product. I've gathered over 85+ ways to make side income, so I'm planning to record a Facebook ad to market the e-book bundle to people who is interested in...
  13. rishj

    Reselling products to make profit!!

    let me give you a short intro im a 15 year old boy from India. So there's a site which offers cheap product (like alibaba) but their are a lot of people who doesn't know how to market their products and reach out to the right audience via facebook, google, instagram ads. I've some experience in...
  14. rasswanth_lenin

    From Debt to Fastlane: My $1000 Dropshipping Challenge as a 20-Year-Old Entrepreneur

  15. intotheabyss

    Am I the only one who has lots of browser tabs opened? Time to optimize the web browsing experience.

    Hello to the Fastlane Community! I noticed that I always have loooots of tabs opened in my browser and it started to bother me a bit. It happens during both - professional research and personal browsing. My main motivation to leave things in the opened tabs is: "It is interesting, but I don't...
  16. Nikkko

    Ways to sell products on the website.

    Im having a hard time thinking about this, but is using a website to bring buyers to buy from either shoppee(an online shopping app) and lazada(also an online shopping app) is better than using shopify? I thought it would be a pretty interesting approach because shopify has some things that I am...
  17. heman

    I've Got an Idea and I'm getting started on my journey

    Hello, My name is Matt. This past weekend I picked up The Millionaire Fastlane, which subsequently led me to UNSCRIPTED, which subsequently led me to this forum, which subsequently led me to Million Dollar Weekend by @noahkagan (GREAT BOOK, HIGHLY RECOMMEND). First I would like to thank @MJ...
  18. do0n

    A business idea for anyone with the skills, resources and 'know how' that may make you millions

    I'm not sure if any of you have already gave this thought and have concluded if this is a good idea or not but here it is anyway: Car insurance for the newbie/young driver in the UK It is crazy expensive here for us young brokies to drive a car here. I'm not sure what its like in the USA or...
  19. humthesongg

    Recent College Grad (introduction)/ Air travel Calculator idea

    Hey everyone, I finished reading the millionaire fast lane at the end of December 2023. I graduated from university back in May of 2023 after that I relocated from Indiana to Tennessee where I was offered a well paying job in IT. The job isn't bad or anything i get to work remotely most of the...
  20. El1mination

    What is considered action faking? Is what I'm thinking of doing action faking?

    Hello, my goal is to create an e-commerce website where I can sell some sort of AI product. In order to create AI, I have to learn some programming languages like Python and go through some hoops to create it. A few days ago, I created a separate post where I asked if I should code my website or...