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REAL ESTATE Credit Reporting on Bad Tenants

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triple J

New Contributor
Aug 8, 2007
Utica, NY
Does anyone know how to/report a tenant who skips out of a lease to the credit bureaus? I've used in the past but don't know how well they work or if they're reporting like the say they will....

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New Contributor
Aug 15, 2007
Sell the debt to a debt collector and move on.

Usually I won't report the tenants unless they trash the property.

If someone can't pay rent, fine - move on. If they trash the property - then I'm unhappy!



Aug 28, 2007
If you are really interested in making a lasting report you could file on them in small claims court. If you win a judgement you probably won't collect but it will go on file and be public record. Other landlords will have access to the info, and if they every do come into money or if they hope to get a loan you might get your money.

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