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Building Video / Animation Studio From 0.

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Jul 11, 2017
Hey guys,
time to start EXECUTION thread... I got quite inspired thanks to the Chapas's topic - From 0 to Freedom in 3 Months. Thanks mate!

Last days were quite hard for me what results in a lose of focus... I got up late today and literally had a panic attack about what should I do, I was walking around and freaking out for 3h, considering every possible choice and outcome, but I didn't sit down and do anything... Just paralysis... It happens from time to time to me, when the situation is stressful and I hate it.
Time to make a move. I took a shower, prepared a cup of tea and I am writing about my plans for the next couple of weeks now. It seems like it is a right move. I think writing on a daily basis about this journey will help me follow the progress, but especially it will help me stay being organized by knowing well in what direction it goes.

For most of you, who probably haven't seen my INTRODUCTION topic. My name is Pawel. I'm Polish. I live partly in Poland, partly in Turkey. Had experience as a WordPress Developer, had experience in developing my father's business, had experience in making videos, had experience in just doing a lot of Internet stuff in general. Never worked full-time, I usually was able to figure something out to live calmly for some time - over and over again, but I've never been able to keep things nice and stable which is a little bit frustrating fact in the end. This was of living sounded cool for a quite a long time to me, but it has its own price. Being a self-taught guy in some of the fields sucks, because eventually you could be much more skilled in one area in shorter period of time while working full-time for someone. So maybe later it would be much easier to make business on your own. Being a REBEL and going your own path - if not done right - can be not worth it sometimes. ;) That's the introduction word.

The plan is to get some traction and achieve a level of regular monthly income equal to $1500 within the next 3 months. $1500 doesn't sound like much money for lots of you for sure, but it's enough to live comfy and stable in both countries - Poland and Turkey. I could challenge myself and set this value higher, however, because of the services that I am going to provide I need to take into consideration that at the beginning most of my clients will be polish. And PLN is not really strong currency when you compere it to USD or EUR.

I used to be WordPress Developer before. Starting a Web Design Digital Agency seems like something that would work for me well. BUT. NO. Seems like everyone does it and I really don't want to do websites now, unless I will need to for some unknown reason.

For now I am sticking with Video/Animation Studio idea with a lot of emphasis on animation in a long term. It has 2 reasons. First, it is much easier to manage work remotely this way and I need to be remote very much. Second, it seems like much less saturated market than pure video services, but I didn't perform any market research so these are just guesses. In the short-term I am planning to focus more on business videos. I have some skills and little portfolio in this field. It should be easier to find first clients that way, while in the meantime getting referrals and specializing in animated videos.

I also realized that I need to stop behaving like a freelancer finally and start having more entrepreneur approach to what I do. What does it mean? I think I put too much attention to the creation process and technical stuff what at the end of the day takes lots of time. Client has to be happy with the results, but sometimes it can be achieved in easier way than you think. I know that I had this problem before, that I wanted to do everything from scratch on my own. And I know that it is waste of time and honestly it is just not effective.

Coming back to making money. In parallel to Animation Agency I will be trying to sell one physical product. It's going to be very small eCommerce business, but I am going to focus mostly on distributing mentioned product to potential resellers. It's something that cannot be really expensive for the end customer, it means that I need to sell like thousands of units to make some money out of it. Resellers sound like better way to do it than online shop.

DAY -1
To give you some initial knowledge about current state of things.

Video/Animation Studio
I have couple of sample personal and business videos done in the past which look good in my opinion. These will be used to show my skills and offer the value for initial clients. If I see that it is not enough I'll go out and just do one or two business related videos for free for random company in my city. Having related portfolio is a key.

In case of animations, I honestly don't have any samples. Hopefully within a week from now, I'll create one. Situation is similar like the one above, but a bit more complicated from the technical point of view. I will write a bit more about it later.

I already have 2 prospects. US company interested in capturing video footage in Poland. And Polish company interested in producing new video animation. I have a good feeling about US company, I'll give you more info about it tomorrow.

I also wrote a short post on my Facebook today informing what services I am starting to offer. Some likes, no answers, but I still hope that it will pay off in the future.

Plan for the next week is to generate first leads and prepare sample animation.

Product itself is ready. I need to prepare package, and reach out potential resellers to get to know their feedback to confirm or not my assumptions. If everything goes well, I'll be able to do it next week.

OK guys! That's it! If you have any advises, let me know. I'll appreciate a lot.
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