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HOT TOPIC Are The Sharks Going Broke?

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Jul 16, 2015
Chicago, IL
So did you buy the platinum diamond ultra ruby capricorn seats?
I took out a personal loan and upgraded to the 1 on 1 coaching with the mystery guest.

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Aug 2, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia
They're leveraging their personal brand and fame by plucking low hanging fruit. I'm sure they see it as "money left on the table".

A) Hire sleezy seminar firm who will charge $10K for an event.
B) Promote "FREE" seminar, promoting $10K seminar (Boom, instant $1,000,000 (100 attendees))
C) Show up for 20 minutes to grease the sale after attendees heard a 2 hour pitch.
D) Sleezy seminar firm pays the shark a royalty to simply put their stamp on their BS "training".
E) Rinse, Repeat in 50 cities. Boom, instant $50,000,000.

Not a bad return on their time, which is why they do it.

Unfortunately this type of operation is a racket, and it's why got Kiyosaki in trouble.

I've been to the Robert H. one. He wasn't even there. They also offer "training" for like 2k or 3k and they offer "credit" so who knows how much they make on pure interest.

Lion Identity

Sep 19, 2019
Im going to play devils advocate and somewhat agree with you.

While I do HATE scammy tactics and high priced seminars that only give you 1% value and 99% upsell BS, ill also go on record as saying that some bigh priced courses a d seminars are pretty amazing.

Dan Kennedys Info Riches program made me well over six figures. I think I paid $497 for it.

Back in the day Belfort had a 10 dvd sales training program and I probably made my money back MANY MANY times over from it.

A 1k course from Eban Pagen? I actually knew most of what he taught in it but something he said gave me a really good idea that I ran with and also made a ton of money from.

When it comes to high priced courses and live events be sure to do due diligence. Some are really good, some are just stealth sell events trying to get more money from you, and some are just rehash of whats in their 9.99 kindle book. But some are truly good.

Edit: as far as these massive "pitch events" the sharks throw for like $50 a ticket... If you are a consultant or copywriter or even just want to network and look for opportunities, go buy a ticket. Ignore the presentations and spend your time, before, during, and after meeting people and networking with them. Quickly weed out the wanna bes with the real entrepreneurs, form a connection with them, and follow up with them after the event.
The thing that's funny is that I have probably invested over $100,000 in books, online programs, mentoring and sponsoring events that didn't really make that much for my business and all of that has not given me a more clear path to create a $100 million dollar business than "the Millionaire Fastlane," and the Unscripted books have. It is so vital to be able to build a business that you can sell. Even when I had 50 employees in my previous business, it was the type of business that would never be able to scale and would constantly prostitute my time. I would never be abel to sell it and the profit margins were always tight. The commandment of scale and time have been violently broken by all of my businesses until my new venture I'm launching now. And it was right there in front of me for years, it took MJ's books to give me clarity to realize the perfect fastlane business and utilize everything I've learned for years and I paid what $40 for his books and got more clarity than the $100k in programs I invested in over the last 5 years. I've said it before and I will again thank you MJ.

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