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A copywriting course for people looking to take their copywriting & selling skills to the next level

Neville Medhora

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Aug 13, 2018
Austin, TX.
Hey Fastlane Faces, take a wild guess what sells??

That's right, a copywriting course! It's a training course (that also comes with live support) designed to take you from copywriting newbie, to copywriting pro in the fastest time possible.

If you are a solopreneur or freelancer, and want to learn how to sell much better, I would suggest going through our Kopywriting Kourse video training:


It loads you up with everything you need to know about the psychology of selling, frameworks to use before you write a word, formulas to follow when writing, how to craft high-converting cold emails, how to NOT annoy (most) people when selling, how to become a copywriter, how to craft autoresponder series that sell for you, and how to tune up every important page on your website to grab the most business.

You get all these courses rolled into one course bundle:


Get Live Office Hours Every Two Weeks:

In my opinion the greatest value of the entire course behind the video training is the Face-To-Face trainings every two weeks.

We do an "Office Hours" style call where people join and ask questions about anything:
  • Some people ask for advice on cold emails.
  • Some people ask me to help re-write copy on the spot.
  • Some people ask for general business advice and planning.
  • Some people ask how they can get their first freelancing gigs.
  • Some people ask how they can sell more of their product through a sales page.
  • Come join and ask whatever you get 6 months of access to these live office hours!
Studies show that simply watching educational material gets you only so far, but being able to practice, discuss, and ask for help directly from a mentor is what engrains the information in your head.....this is what these Office Hours do for you.

If you're ever lost or need help, just join one of the Office Hours (you get SIX MONTHS WORTH OF THESE CALLS) and ask directly.

This is far cheaper than doing my $600/hour calls I do every Tuesday and Thursday with companies needing copywriting help (and like a college office hours barely 1% of the members show up for each office hours, so people on the call get tons of face-to-face time)!!

Here's what you get right away when you grab this Kopywriting Kourse Bundle of training and live calls:
  • The Kopywriting Kourse (worth $697).
  • The Kopywriting Checklist (worth $10).
  • The Autoresponder Kourse (worth $197).
  • The Autoresponder Bank (worth $197).
  • Content Writing Kourse (Worth $297).
  • The Become A Copywriter Course (Worth $497).
  • Call Recording Archive (worth $600).
  • Private Facebook Group Invite (worth $300).
  • 12 Group Office Hours Calls - 6 months (worth $2,400).
  • Free shirt (Get the official "Wantrepreneur" or "Entrepreneur" shirt, only available to Fastlane Forum members)!

This is all the content you need to go from newbie copywriter all the way to writing copy so good you can apply it to your own business or even charge for it. Also get access to a like-minded group and 12 live coaching calls with Neville.


I look forward to seeing you inside the Members Area!
-Neville Medhora -

P.S. You can view the full bundle here, and anyone who buys from this page gets a free shirt of their choice!!
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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Ad approved, good luck.

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