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copywriting tips

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  1. Neville Medhora

    MARKETPLACE A copywriting course for people looking to take their copywriting & selling skills to the next level

    Hey Fastlane Faces, take a wild guess what sells?? That's right, a copywriting course! It's a training course (that also comes with live support) designed to take you from copywriting newbie, to copywriting pro in the fastest time possible. If you are a solopreneur or...
  2. M

    HOT TOPIC Copywriting Contest... (RESULTS POSTED!)

    It's time to a have a little fun and learn something in the process. Lets do a little copy-writing contest, something which tests our eye for good copy and conversion. I posted this on the INSIDE to start, however if we don't get enough bites in here, I will move this OUTSIDE. Here is the...
  3. B

    Copy Writing Tricks You Can Use Today!

    This is a compilation of copy writing notes I have taken from multiple books. This document is not by any means complete, there is still many pages to go. (I got sick over night and my current tasks at hand are taking much more time than expected) Some notes are straight rips from the book...

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