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Aug 19, 2015
Just added in some more bonus courses so now up to 4...

Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 10.49.42.png
Screenshot 2021-11-19 at 10.49.50.png

We have a full super detailed copywriting course from @Bekit

There is a full starter SEO course from Steve Deane, who runs a top international SEO business.

There is also a full FB ads course from Tate Morgan. Tates does huge ad campaigns and has a very successful business.

And @Andy Black just did a great condense course on getting started with Google ads.
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Dec 1, 2021
Hey, @Fox!

Kudos on your course and all the free content that you have released on your YouTube channel. It's such an incredible amount of value. It has inspired me to fill out the application quiz earlier today as a first step on my journey; hope to hear from you soon!

I wanted to let you know that I'm having trouble playing any of the videos on the Fox Web School website on desktop. The thumbnail remains and I can't seem to get it to play no matter where I click on the video. It might just be me, but I did try across a range of browsers.
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Sep 21, 2016
I remember reading the GOLD thread when it was new a few years ago. Can't believe it's turned in to this! Truly amazing. Already filled out the second form. Hope to hear from you soon! I'm in a position where I have pretty much all the time in the world to learn and start taking action!
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Feb 16, 2021
Hi Fox, following you for a while now and your content is amazing! I was wondering, where can we see your own projects for the clients? I cannot find your portfolio and would really like to see an example of the projects you have done for the clients. Thanks!

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