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fox web school

  1. Fox

    Not on the Fastlane yet? Here is a path to go from Zero to Success as a business owner

    Hey guys, what is up? Who is up for building your first Fastlane business in 2024 and crushing it? What I’m about to share in this thread is for anyone who is just getting started. Maybe you don’t have a lot of marketable skills yet. Maybe your main asset is persistence and determination and...
  2. pmb1

    $0 to $100k: my web design journey

    Hello everyone. I am a 20 year old web design freelancer who's goal is to reach $100k in profit by August of this year. I have created this thread to document the process and to keep myself accountable. If I know that there are other people online who know what I'm doing, quitting and going...
  3. B

    Is cold-calling necessary for getting good with Web design sales?

    Good day to anyone that might be reading this. I am new here. Its a pleasure to meet you all. I have spent a couple of hours lurking around the Fastlane forum to see if there might be a solution tailored towards the business model that I am pursuing. I'll try and keep this short. I am a UX/UI...
  4. A

    Gained an extreme confidence boost from execution

    I feel like I've finally earned the right to make a thread for myself. After I binge read "Unscripted", I found the Fastlane forum and it didn't take long for me to find @Fox's post for his web design course. I paid for the course and started binging on his content, and at the same time binge...
  5. KushShah9492

    Documenting my journey to become a freelancer

    In the past few months, I have dabbled with a lot of things. I've tried coding, graphic designing, copywriting, SEO. Stuck to something for a while, and then moved on to the next cool thing. I was on the sidewalk. And it has wasted a lot of time. I tried getting clients on upwork/fiverr but no...
  6. Fox

    2022: Join The Fox Web School "Legends Program"

    Hey folks, I have combined this thread with my main thread: The Fox Legends Program If you have any questions on anything, just ask me over there - thanks!
  7. Fox

    This FREE book will teach you how to build a successful web design business

    2023 update: This book has had close to over 50,000 downloads from my Youtube channel and directly from Amazon. And the reviews have been pretty solid... . The book is my advice for a Web Designer / Freelancer on how to get more clients, understand what businesses want, and to get...
  8. Mayor042

    How do I get started

    Good day everyone, I'm really glad I found this book the millionaire fastlane at my local shop and read it. It has really opened my eyes and changed my perspective of financial freedom, now i have ideas burning inside of me which I intend bringing out to life, ideas that I know will benefit...
  9. Fox

    The Proven Path to a Fastlane (Still Open for 2024)

    Is web design still a profitable business in 2024? If you've been following me here or on Youtube, you probably know that I started a web design business back in 2016. If you missed it, I have a full gold thread on how it went here. In short, things went very well, I posted about it online...