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2/3 and the power of tiny habits.

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Raven S

Read Millionaire Fastlane
Oct 19, 2021
Lets start by saying that I find this forum, imensely inspiring. And I figured I ought to try and contribute - so here we go. This thread will be about the tiny changes.

I like to tell myself, that 2/3 is 2/3 2/3 of the time. - now what would the point of this mumbo jumbo be, you might ask. Well, its a reminder, that when the 1/3 comes along, accept it like a stoic ought. With complete calm. This too was bound to happen.

Before Covid hit, and put some obstacled in my way, I was doing research into how to become a Poker player. - and this idea, that you can never KNOW, facinated me. The very best you can get to, is having a probability, and that always leaves the door open, for the other side to materialize instead of your desired outcome - NO MATTER WHAT.

Hang in there - I guess, that given enough time, and digressions - I will eventually come close to defining the point of this post. Up next is Nicholas Taleb. And I guess it goes without saying that Im a huge fan of his books. - and just in case it didnt, I said it. His ideas(consepts), has greatly changed the way my brain looks at stuff, and Im positively grateful for the upgrade! And the one Im about to reffere to is his barbell thingy. Where you have a limited downside, but a great upside.

Now what stuff in life, is tiny, where we usually cant "know for sure" but where the downside of doing it, is neglible and the upside is potentially huge? - that my internett strangers- is the point of my thread =)

I will begin, and in so doing, hope that others might chime in with similar habits from their own lives, based on the same underlying consept.

If you can avoid it: Never go down stairs.
Go up as much as you like, but if given the option always take the elevator down.

Does chlorella bind to heavy metals?
You might have heard that heavy metals just gets accumulated in the fats in the body, and there is no way to get it out? Well, I've heard some rumors about chlorella actually binds to the stuff, if they "meet" in the intestines, and you could actually get it out of your system that way. Even if this turns out to be wrong - what's the downside of drinking a bit of nutritious chlorella as a daily habit?

Change your Life, change your Brain
Yes, thats the name of dr Amens book about brain healt (picked it up after listening to a Jim Kwick podcast) and after reading it you realize, never ever NOT wear head protection when its probably a good idea to do so. And just pick up the habbit of drinking Tran/Omega 3 on a regular basis.

Like going down stairs - you don't see the damage creeping up on you over time, until you have impaired vision that is, at old age. So, remember - just wear Sunglasses to protect your eyes. They are delicate instruments. And the downside? There are none, I bet you look badass in them!

You have not realized the imporance of your gut Biome?

Oh... well, thats gonna hurt when you do. Like being told you actually own a dog, but you never knew, and its been outside in the shed, without food, or warmth, or love for the longest time. And for good measure, a gang of neighbouring bullies regulary comes over to torture and beat it. Is the gut biom so important as we are now suspecting it to be? 2/3 2/3 - it does not matter if it is! Whats the downside, of not eating the stuff thats known to be truly detrimental to your gut bugs?
Keep away from artificial sweetners, for one. - Add food sources with healthy bacterias - time to learn how to make Kimshi perhaps? Or sauerkraut.

what is it? Do you think its important for the body to spend some time every now and then cleaning up old and damaged cells? If you have not allready, its about time you realized what you think is hunger, most likely are abstinences - because your addicted to carbs =) Trust me - realizing what real hunger actually IS was a huge revelation to me - and I did not start with intermittend fasting before in my early 30s. Thats 30 years of thinking you know what hunger is - and not being even close to suspect the lie hidden in plain sight. - I can now go for days, without hunger at all. And you can too - if you get your metabolic flexibility back that is, enabelign you to use fat as fuel without problems.

Just dont drink milk.
I wont even bother to start explaining why. It actually makes me sad, and depressed.

The higher up the grapes live, the more Polyphenols in the wine! (its the plants sun protection)
Start looking for wine made at high altitudes!

On a similar note, just start eating dark chocolate on a regular basis 70%+

And drinking - yes drinking some shotglasses of extra virgin olive oil every evening, should probably go onto you list of new habits too. (unless its not allready there that is)

Figure out something safe to cook with. Personally I just use plain old butter. (sometimes I make Ghee to get rid of the casein, but It depends on how lazy I am ) - Using stuff like trans fats (melange) would be a HUGE mistake, and a meaningless, and pointless one to make.

MJ's meteor metaphor is closely related to the fundamental point of this thread. At one point, its just to late to know. No matter what you do, if you knees are ruined when you turn 70..its too late to do anything. The best would be, to never know if its true or not, because you never experience broken knees, and you still can't know the answer to the question that made you change your habits 50 years earlier. Better safe than sorry I guess =)

Feel free to add to this list - with other stuff, thats similar in nature, so to speak.

Run barefoot - one of the planets most skilled long distance runner (species) do NOT need help running! (vibrams ftw btw)
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MJ DeMarco

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I've Read Rat-Race Escape!
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Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT
And the one Im about to reffere to is his barbell thingy. Where you have a limited downside, but a great upside.

Been saying this for years. In fact, asymmetric returns is the central thesis of The Great Rat Race Escape .

Thanks for sharing your mental process.

Raven S

Read Millionaire Fastlane
Oct 19, 2021
The likelyhood of you actually needing it, is surprisingly high. So - actually giving it, now, - would make a whole lot of sense, in a convoluted way. You cannot give it to yourself. You need to get. But as a rule, giving should - always preceed receiving. So starting, might have some merit.

- Blood. Is indeed the topic at hand.

On a somewhat related tangent, (..)- you should probably have stopped using teflon, the moment you realized how friggin hard it is NOT to get some scratches in those teflon pans. I give thanks to Bill Bryson, and his somewhat brilliantly sad tale about the madness that was our usage of lead for being mentally prepared to meet teflon with a good dose of suspecion. When you KNOW about how f*cked up that was, you kind of lower your expectations about some stuff.

Remember, - Its never about being "right" or "wrong" here - thats the whole point. You dont need to know.

// will wary form contry to country I suppose. But the numbers in Norway is - 2% of the populations gives and a whopping 50% will need to get at some point or another in their lifetime.

// Yes.. you do get bonus points for intuitively seeing what the tangent actually was. - I deliberately left that out, so you could have some fun figuring out the missing piece.
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Raven S

Read Millionaire Fastlane
Oct 19, 2021
Reality check. Do you actually know that humans are among very few species that for convenience sake dropped the ability to "make" vitamin D? Like, why bother, when we can create it using our skin and sunlight,- right? Of course then we went all adventurous and left africa behind, leaving evolution in somewhat of a pickle!! It has tried to make amends, by making our skin lighter as we go north - and it might have done the trick, but certainly NOT so far north when the sun rarely shines at all. Then of course we invented computers and sunscreens.

Take your vitamin Ds.

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