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1 year and 3 months into my unscripted journey


New Contributor
Sep 20, 2022
Thanks to roman for pushing me to do this.

My name is Joshua I'm 24 from London, cliche but unscripted changed my life.

A little backstory

I had a pretty decent upbringing in first a world country I come from an immigrant family and single mum household but with a healthy mind and body so no complaints I went to school and got my first job helping kids to water balls and realised that giving so many hours away for nothing was not something I wanted to do till 65 but didn't know how to go about finding that new path as there was nobody in my life talking about/ creating a business.

Fast forward to Uni same shit as a school but everyone is grown up and dropped out as I didn't take it seriously, however during my time there my first unscripted endeavour unknowingly began.

It was being a pro gamer but the hours were lost and I didn't know what I was doing not strategy just action. Managed to get top 10,000 in the EU at the height of my short-lived career and earned some chump change we gave me my first taste of earning money as an entrepreneur.

1674599708884.png1674599753405.png https://youtu(dot)be/RP3aCxIV-ts

I couldn't sustain the career as I didn't know how to effectively monetize myself at the time and ended up giving up (quit quitting) and that after that I went to work and stumbled across MJ's book thanks to a guru which opened my eyes and reignited my dreams.

I started what I would call glorified freelancing, selling advice and building the best computers for gamers(as it was the niche I just came out of) we built computers from scratch that you could customize to your liking as our USP. But I also quit that due to logistics and inexperience and moved on to selling websites which gave me a taste of cold calling and the agency world but quit to do it being a one-and-done deal and they were sold for dirt cheap.

This leads me to today with my current business a growth-style business offering different services mainly marketing, and lead gen as our flagship offers.

The road has been long and lonely, but I've built up a lot of skills in these past few years and do not plan on quitting as I see success is right around the corner this year.

For the newbies, I've done a lot of time-wasting, planning, and taking action and have picked up a plethora of information and skills that I would have if I did not take ACTION.

If I could say a few things that have allowed me to continue on this long and lonely road are consistency discipline and action. Motivation is fickle unless you are referring to a why or had an FTE but obviously, there are other important factors those 3 really kept things going for me in the desert of Desertation.

I'm not yet unscripted but I know I'll be there and I will give updates if people want them or when I feel like I should, newbies feel free to ask me anything there are a lot of pitfalls, gurus, courses out there that honestly if you read MJ book you can avoid but I guess some things you will just have to experience if you didn't get it like me.

Gurus and courses will make you promises that seem too good to be true and for most of them, they are you might get into a good network and pick up a few skills and friends but honestly unless you're getting a DFY service or information/group be cautious giving money away and expecting a magical 10k in 90 days phenomenon with no effort on your side because it does not exist. Just take action.
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