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  1. Akshay Kumar

    Is there any other way for a newbie freelance copywriter to get work without using upwork and other freelancing websites?

    Hi, I am looking to become a freelance copywriter. I was wondering if there any way for a teen freelance copywriter to get work initially without using freelancing websites. Because the competition there is just way too high. Moreover, I can't contact those clients directly to build a long-term...
  2. Conscripted

    Question about this Upwork review

    I just finished reading THIS article on upwork. Does this article match your experiences? I'm currently working my way through the freelancing and copywriting courses by @lex DeVillex Thanks for any insight you can provide.
  3. Dark Water

    HOT TOPIC Significant Change to Upwork coming in May 2019... “Pay to Bid”

    You read that right. You will now have to pay $0.15 per Connect to bid on a job, with some jobs costing up to 6 Connects or $.90. The most noticeable impact? Less competition for jobs. The barrier to entry just got raised a lot, spam reduced, etc. I’m personally against it, even though I only...
  4. NewManRising

    Mastering the Upwork game with Copywriting

    A quick introduction and background: Around October 2018, I knew nothing about copywriting. I decided to go through and complete Lex' 15 day copywriting challenge/exercise thread. In fact, I was about on day 10/11 when I decided to get the balls to start sending in proposals to people on...
  5. Dark Water

    Hustling to Survive: Freelance Web Design & Copywriting, Book Writing, and Building a Brand

    While its been a while since I've posted here, I have been lurking somewhat regularly. As I sit here in a Starbucks today drinking my $2.41 hot green tea (essentially the price I pay so I can get out of the house and be around people outside of my gym), I came across this thread about the...
  6. M

    A forum hustle favorite, Upwork goes public. A buy?

    Upwork goes public tomorrow, UPWK, initially priced at $15 a share. Upwork prices IPO at $15 a share If you make your living via Upwork, that could only mean one thing... Look for the higher pricing, less value squeeze to start at some point as the urgent need to meet analyst earnings...
  7. K

    What is your way of searching projects on Upwork?

    I tried “saved searches” filtered by technology (for example ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC). However saved searches are good only for monitoring just added projects. But when I decide to look for a project, I’d like to review those that a few days old too. I don’t constantly monitor new projects...
  8. Richard Gao

    RANT Starting Web Design/Development Issues

    I've started web design and I am trying to begin on Upwork before moving on to projects outside Upwork. Following @SinisterLex 's and @Fox 's advice on getting approved. Unfortunately I have not been able to get approved after many tries. Can you guys take a look at my bios and other settings in...
  9. ZF Lee

    EXECUTION ZF's progress thread

    Alright, just as I said. I would post some results from my Reddit tests. It seems that the folks need to see something tangible. I still will need to develop a cheap prototype and have 50-100 batches. I spotted a competing product being used by someone from today's meeting. I borrowed it for a...
  10. BifeDeChorizo

    EXECUTION I Will Apply For 260 Freelance Jobs [In Two Months]

    Hello everyone! Making this thread to stay accountable. This is my situation right now: + 25 years old + Living with my mother + Making around usd$240 monthly (enough to pay internet, food and taxes) + Trying to fix a condition I had for YEARS (since I was 8) called Sleep Apnea but discovered...
  11. MitchM

    Client acquisition for a cryptocurrency development team.

    Hello everyone! For some background: Back in November I started my eCommerce business which is going very well. Right now I am looking to make some extra cash to fund more inventory, products, distribution channels, and ad testing. One of my friends contacted me with perfect timing -...
  12. Envious

    Can freelancer/Upwork/fiverr be automated?

    So I can’t remember what thread it was posted in but I noticed someone mentioning they were developing a system to automate their jobs on fiverr and freelance sites. I’m not asking what specific tasks can be automated, I’m just seeing if it’s possible or if anyone has done it before? Obviously...
  13. Lina Suzy

    INTRO Hey there!

    Hello there! Myself Lina Suzy. I am a professional Freelancer in Fiverr and Upwork. I have been working last few years as a SEO Expert. I feel glad to being here in the world largest and popular Forum Thefastlaneforum. I hope you guys doing well. Thanks
  14. Lex DeVille

    SinisterLex's - 2018 Upwork $100k Challenge

    In the free chat in my marketplace ad we just declared November "Clean Up Your Upwork Profile" month. It's time to clean up now because we're running a 2018 $100k Upwork Challenge. Details below: Entry Price: Free - costs only your time. Dates: Jan. 1st, 2018 - Dec. 31st, 2018 Goal: Earn $100k...
  15. Lex DeVille

    MARKETPLACE SinisterLex's - Freelance Giveaway & Other Free Stuff...

    Not a sales ad. Growing my YouTube channel. Just crossed 800 subs and thought it would be cool to do a 1k giveaway. Entry is open until the channel reaches 1,000 subscribers. Since the channel is heavily skewed toward a freelance audience, the prize is freelance relevant. The same setup I...
  16. S

    INTRO Self taught iOS and Android app developer. AMA

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking on this forum and have found a lot of good information that helped me with getting clients on upwork especially. I thought that it was time to introduce myself and answer any questions any of you had about building apps / teaching yourself how to build apps /...
  17. SheikhNaveed

    Are you still confused with SCALE and TIME too?

    While reading forum yesterday I came to read a post by MJ where he was appreciating a non-digital product made by a guy here on forum. From days, I'm confused with the scale and time factors of CENTS. Today, I've tested a market of home-based carwash service using facebook ads. While I was...
  18. Sully1994

    From 10 Dollar to 10 Grand Gigs- My 6 month freelance journey.

    My freelance writing journey over the span of 6 months: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Hired by a man on Upwork to write articles about Facebook Live Murders. Strangely, he insisted that they be comedic. Of...
  19. Sanj Modha

    HOT TOPIC UpWork - Follow My 0-$$$$ Journey...

    I remember reading a post about someone on here who deleted their profile on Upwork, created a new one to show that making money on the side is possible. I was inspired by that post and wanted to do a case study for my LinkedIn followers by doing the same - starting from 0 and optimizing along...
  20. Mike Partee

    NOTABLE! How To ACTUALLY Get Freelance Clients: Free Leads Across The USA From Craigslist

    Back in January, I started Freelancing to make some additional income while working a job, with the chance of growing the service into an agency. It's been really good practice for building a business, learning about all the processes and systems that make up one and maintaining it well. A few...

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