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  1. R

    INTRO Young and determined

    I am a 17 year old kid that that has grown up surrounded by self made successful adults. Nothing is or ever will be given to me, I earn and hustle for anything I want. My goal is to financially surpass my stepdad who has a fortunate business of his own, seeing him live his life as he wants...
  2. sstone

    MARKETPLACE FREE: New Four-Part Training Series

    New Four-Part Training Series Reveals How To Use A “Hidden” Part Of Your Brain To Achieve Personal And Financial Success If you feel like you’ve been struggling to accomplish your personal or financial goals… then you’re going to want to check out what John Assaraf just released: John Assaraf...
  3. AugrumAutumn

    INTRO Young Aspiring Entrepreneur

    Hello world! My name is Sarel and I am from South Africa. It's a great honor to be part of the Fastlane community. I can feel reassured that I will gain insight from the material within and improve myself in order to give more back to the world. I'm sure plenty of the nice folks on this forum...
  4. MJ DeMarco

    NOTABLE! "Tell me the exact steps" (OK, here are all 67 of them.)

    We see it here all the time here at Fastlane. Someone posts a success story or a personal break through, and like clockwork, someone always asks "what exactly did you do? I mean like, tell me the EXACT steps!" How do I succeed? How do I make millions?! How do I X, Y, and Z? Well by popular...
  5. wizz

    LANDFILL From £6000 in debt to a networth of £1M in 11 months

    Hello all. This is my first post and i'm buzzing as im writing it. From £6000 in debt to £1M in my bank in 11 months. P.S (Friendly note) If you are going to comment please keep the comments positive and useful otherwise its non of my business what you have to say. Welcome to the best...
  6. PTP

    GOLD! Escape the Borg! - My Journey to Freedom, Ecommerce

    I decided to make this eCommerce/importing progress thread after a spur of the moment decision. My goal for this thread is to not only be able to look back and see the progress I have made, but to absorb the advice that others have been so gracious to bestow upon me. I would first like to take...
  7. Blue Lion

    NOTABLE! What would you tell your 25 year old self?

    For you 25 yr old+ guys out there, if you could go back in time, and tell your 25 year old self something, what would you say?

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