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  1. manxlin

    INTRO Spanish Millionaire

    Ok, it's true. I'm not ready a really common millionaire that have 5 000 000 $ in my bank account. But I'm decided to make it, I'm going to make money, not just earn, not, I'M GOING TO CREATE MY PERSONAL PROCESS TO ATTRACT MONEY so then money would come to me. I've 18 and I'm from Spain, I...
  2. Z

    Why do you guys say that learning and books in general are useless? (STRAWMAN)

    Everywhere I look on this forum you people always make it seem like there is no reason to learn anything about business and just get started, but what if I don't know anything about business at all? and don't know the first thing about getting started, where to start, how to start and what to...
  3. Kaan.Hisi


    First of all I want to say thank you to Mj Demarco. You opened my eyes and now I see the world with a different view. I am 21 years old and currently living in Germany. I go to college, but it doesn´t feel right. Before I red the Millionaire Fastlane, the bad feeling was already there. Now it...
  4. Schonox

    INTRO Growing and learning

    Hi everyone, I'm a middle aged guy with two loving children and a partner. Used to work as a security officer for more than a decade, usually working night shifts. Quit my job at the end of 2017 when a lot of stuff happened. Rode a bit on the XRP (Ripple) wave, and... my father passed away...
  5. D

    INTRO Just quit my fast food job...

    What's up, guys? Name's Doug, 22 years old. Read the books about a year ago, just now decided to take it seriously. So I recently quit my Popeyes job (two weeks ago) and am currently working weekends and studying online courses during the week. IT was the best thing I could've done. I couldn't...
  6. A

    Need Advice For Starting My Social Business

    Hello! I am an aspiring social entrepreneur and I am currently working towards starting up a new organization and need some advice and direction, which is why I am coming to this. I am a junior in college studying Social Work as my major, and my goal is to create and run my own organization as...
  7. Victor Cezar

    INTRO The newest member of this forum - Victor Cezar

    Hello Folks! I am so excited to be part of this community. I've read The Millionaire Fastlane and I am going to apply its mindsets right now because I am very unhappy with my current situation. I am from Brazil, São Paulo city, 24 years old and I am working with Oracle database. Today I am...
  8. Tris

    Need Advice on a Wearable Body camera

    I have a startup idea, "Body cameras for citizens". It's to reduce the incidents of police brutality and capture people who may commit crime against you easier. If you can see a face, the culprit would be easier to catch. So it's like a wearable security camera. My issues are 1. I know nothing...
  9. A

    EXECUTION Quit my job

    So I quit my job. After my post a few months ago I unsuccessfully tried to work a long day, then come home to manage the family however there was no energy left in the tank at the end of it to dedicate to entrepreneurship. After several failed attempts I knew it was time to 'give up the good to...
  10. El Príncipe

    INTRO Deciding On Next Steps - Input Welcomed

    When I was 19, the summer before college, I came across The Four Hour Workweek and devoured it. Imagine, I was raised in a stay at home, single, immigrant mother household. This book opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities, things unimaginable, unfathomable, and since then I've wanted to...
  11. D

    Approaching commercial customers/B2B

    Hello everyone, I am currently developing a product that I think is very useful and has a great need where applicable. It is basically a kind of a fixture for an electric device used mostly by construction companies but also by ordinary people who're building stuff at home. My plan from now on...
  12. Murilo Ruy

    INTRO Are you successful?

    If you are, can you give me some tips? At this moment I’m stuck with the “wantrepreneur” title: lots of ideas, some of them seems to be profitable, but little or no action at all. So, my first question is: how did you get started? Was it cold calling? Cold e-mail? Friends, family and fools...
  13. Stevie Drive

    DONE Is Better Than Perfect (The '7 Out of 10' Rule)

    Alright, let me ask you a question. How many times have you beaten yourself up because you think your effort wasn't good enough? Many times? Well you're not alone. I did a talk about this in front of a business class I was invited to speak before and I can assure you sooo many people suffer...
  14. V

    INTRO Introduction, still in the rat race.

    Morning guys. Wanted to say hi to everyone. Currently construction worker (electrician). Sick and tired of rat race. Had a desire for entrepreneurship for over 7 years. Jumped ideas like a rabbit over these 7 years. Procrastination and not choosing on one idea I feel like is what's killing me...
  15. R

    Lead Generation Site - Getting Started

    Hello All, I've just read TMF and I've already taken a huge chunk out of Unscripted as well. Love the books so far and the fact there's this resource is great. I'm going to push myself and MJ called me out directly. I've had a lot of ideas and very little action. So here goes... I've found a...
  16. corius

    My First $1000 Profit

    I am rewriting this because yesterdays when I wrote it I lost the scope of what I wanted to do. That was to show some of the newer people that something other than writing a book or having an online business can also have fastlane potential My Company is a standard landscaping company, cut...
  17. Amon

    NOTABLE! The True Unlock to Wealth (disclaimer: It's not reading) @millennials

    I haven't posted much on here because I've been busy building momentum in my life. Background: I grew up in Lakewood, OH in a single parent home with my mom and brother. We have lived below the poverty line for quite some time, due to my mother's inability to work. My brother suffers from a...
  18. L

    EXECUTION Of pendants and progress!

    Hey everyone! If you didn't see my introduction thread, the idea is basically to make pendants (for now I'm using dog-tags), each one having a unique code, sell them to people, have them enter their adventures with the tag onto a forum (eventually I'll have a proper forum, for now I'm just using...
  19. nmalcolm92

    Networking really is king.

    Long story short, I started my business two years ago, before my first year of college. No one took me seriously then, or really does now at first glance because I'm so young and have a baby-face. Fast forward to this summer, signed my first big client, lets call him Charlie. Did great work for...

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